Mark Wright gives glimpse inside luxury bedroom he shares with Michelle Keegan – with underwear scattered on the floor

MARK Wright has given fans a look inside the bedroom he shares with wife Michelle Keegan.

The 34-year-old star, who appeared topless, even zoomed in on a pair of pants on the floor of the luxury Essex pad.

Towie star turned fitness guru Mark was passing on what he called a "little bedroom hack" as he popped up on Instagram after-hours.

He told his Instagram fans: "How many times have you said to yourself: 'The first thing I'm going to do tomorrow is work out?'

"You wake up, you have a coffee you sit on the sofa, you talk to someone, you end up not doing it.

"Get out out of the way the thing that annoys you most, the thing that sits hanging over your head all day. Clear it from your head."

He then spun the camera round to show the bed he shares with 33-year-old Michelle, pointing out that he sleeps to her left.

"There's me bed," he told fans. "I sleep that side."

Mark then flung his black Calvin Klein undies down on the floor swiftly followed by the rest of his workout kit.

He said: "There's my pants and socks. There's my cycling top. There's my cycling shorts."

Wheeling round to point out their ensuite bathroom, he added: "Bed, gym gear, brush me gnashers, out I go.

"If your gym gear's by the side of your bed put it straight on, get out, you'll train.

"Trust me – best hack in the world. As soon as I started doing that it made me train first thing in the morning."

The star, who runs fitness empire Train Wright added: "Trust me, that for me is massive. I used to have the gym and exercise hanging over my head all day."

Mark and Michelle are currently building a 'dream home' for themselves – and have huge plans for the palace-like property.

The couple recently shared a digital image of the gleaming white building they're hoping to call home very soon.

They wrote: ""Here’s the lovely house that we purchased back in 2019 vs what we are hoping to create.

"It’s been a long process so far and still a long way to go but sooner or later we will have the house, we could have only ever dreamed of."

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