Married at First Sight Australia fans predict Dan will dump Jessika and are thrilled that he has seen her ‘nasty side’

MARRIED At First Sight Australia fans have predicted that Dan Webb will dump Jessika Power – and are thrilled that he has seen her "nasty side".

Jessika and Dan made their dinner party debut as a couple for the first time last night, and were grilled by the group over their sneaky tactics and cheating on their former spouses Mick and Tamara.

And fans are convinced that a frustrated Dan has now seen his partner's "nasty side" -after he admitted that he hates that she "loves the drama".

Jessika and Dan were the hot topic of conversation at the dinner, with the secret affair causing a divide in the group.

Jessika's BFF Martha Kalifatidis defended her as Heidi and Jules quizzed the new couple on their living arrangements and when they first got together.

Then Dan and Jessika decided to set the mood for the rest of the night by making a toast to "no dramas".

Jessika said: "We really wanted to say thank you for accepting us into the group. I know it's been hard on everybody to just sort of accept it.

"We are truly happy and grateful that everyone has been so beautiful coming in to tonight."

Dan echoed: "It could've gone a couple of different ways coming in tonight, so I really appreciate it."

However, Ning interrupted and said that the "night is young" – predicting that there will be plenty of drama to come.

And she was right, with it all kicking offwhen Jessika let slip that she had been plotting to hook up with Dan three weeks ago – forcing Mick to stay in the process.

The shock revelation stunned the rest of the couples, with Jules admitting that this "changes everything" and Cam accusing Jessika of treating the process like a game of Tinder.

Jessika's "cruel game playing" continued throughout the night as she snubbed Mike and Heidi by giggling while they were opening up about their relationship struggles to the rest of the group.

After hearing Jessika's immature laughing, Mike asked: "Is this funny to you?"

Jessika replied: "I think you're a pig."

A furious Mike hit back: "I can't stand your face anymore, how dare you speak to me like that?"

Jules piped up and slammed Jessika for shaking her head and rolling her eyes saying that have "girls and then you have women".

A hostile Jessika then accused Mike of planning to say no in his final vows with Heidi – leaving him furious.

Now fans think that her antics could finally make Dan see her true colours, with one tweeting: "It wasn't entertainment watching Jess again lie to destroy a couple.

"She targeted couples where the women had trust issues. Vile. 👏👏 to Jules for calling her and Martha girls not women"

Another shared: "Jessika is the classic example of give someone enough rope and they'll hang themselves. First it was the three weeks…then the lying and arguing with Mike and now Dan thinking oh f***."

A third added: "Jessika is without the doubt the human equivalent of the poison ivy, she's disgusting. Dan knows he's got a feral child on his hands."

Another shared: "I think Dan is having second thoughts about whether he loves Jessika now that he's seen her nasty side."

An uncomfortable looking Dan appeared frustrated, and at the end of the night walked out of the dinner party separate from his 'wife'.

Speaking to the camera Dan said: "Tonight I got to see a part of Jess that I'm not comfortable with. I've seen a side of her that seems to like to fight and find the drama.

"I did hear about it a bit but I didn't want to believe. I don't like that behaviour.

"I've got a few questions to ask myself now. Just about my feelings and the whole situation with Jess."

Elsewhere in the episode, viewers were left stunned when Jessika told her new boyfriend Dan that she's in love with him after just SIX days.

The couples were tasked with quizzing their partners on their true feelings and Dan asked Jess: "How serious and genuine are you about me?"

Jess replied: "I'm definitely in love with you."

Dan awkwardly replied saying "that's nice" before Jess asked him: "Do you love me?" A reluctant Dan said: "I think I do, yes."

One viewer wrote: "In love??? After one sold week together and maybe a month of knowing each other?? Jess has lost it."

Another added: "Run for the hills Dan, Jessika is poisonous and manipulative. I'm glad you can see it now."

Last week, fans were left heartbroken when Mick was shown breaking down in tears after finding out Jessika's infidelity.

Viewers branded her 'vile' with one writing: "Jess is VILE. Like beyond VILE. Tamara holds and portrays herself exceptionally. Mick crying is breaking my heart."

Jessika is now in a relationship wannabe rapperFilip Poznanovi, who she met through her brother Rhyce -explaining that they had known each other for a while before their romance blossomed.

She is currently living with series eight groom and good pal Cameron Dunne in Sydney, weeks before viewers will see him marry on the show.

He told Australian magazine New Idea: "Jess is actually my housemate – we currently live together on the Gold Coast.

"When I needed a place to stay, it just came up that she was able to take me in. I'm quiet close to her brother, Rhyce, so it kind of just happened from there."

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