Masked Singer’s Robin clues and guesses from Twitter ‘leak’ to colour link

The Masked Singer's finale is upon us, and three mystery celebs remain in the competition, keeping the judges guessing.

The Robin, with his plumes of scarlet feathers and golden beak, has continued to stump the judges and viewers alike, as they rally to figure out the famous face behind the mask.

On Saturday, the Robin will finally be unmasked on the show, revealing all before judges Davina McCall, Mo Gilligan, Rita Ora and Jonathan Ross.

A number of names have been guessed so far – everyone from Craig David to a Baltimore Raven – but who is the celeb inside the costume?

Below is everything you need to know ahead of Saturday's grand finale.

All the clues

First performance

Back in episode one, Robin teased a number of clues about their personality, kicking off with their VT.

Robin said: "I'm the robin and "I'm here to play. I'm ready to go the distance, think you can keep up?

"I'm trained and now I'm fighting fit for The Masked Singer. My costume is pretty fly. Tonight, nobody is gonna knock this Robin off its perch."

In what appeared to be another hint during the performance, they added: "I may be a Robin, but I have been known to fly without wings."

Second performance

For Robin's second performance, singing 'Can't Stop The Feeling' By Justin Timberlake, they said: "I had so much fun out there, I felt like I was in a world of my own.

"Sport has always bene a huge part of my life. If I wasn't on the athletics track I'd be out in the pitch for kick around. It's safe to know I always knew I'd be a footballer.

"Being out on the field takes a lot of coordination, it's like a sort of dance. I've really puffed out my chest in pride when I've represented my country."

For the two truths and a lie segment, Robin then kept fans guessing by saying: "My real name is out of this world.

"This Robin's habitat is more tropical than you think. I started performing by doing impressions."

Third performance

For Robin's third performance, belting out a rendition of the Tones and I song Dance Monkey, the feathered bird dropped more clues.

They said: "I'm still in this competition and my mask is still on, but the panel need the luck of the Irish to pin the right name on me."

Robin then hinted that they "don't stray far," saying: "Don't get me wrong, I've migrated all over the world – but not all locations are for me.

"I don't want to waste any time not doing things I love. Focusing all my energy on the things I'm good at. Tonight, I'm going to fly the nest once more and head for victory."

Fourth performance

Robin's fourth performance hinted the celeb was a superstar performer in real life, as footage showed them waving at a bevvy of adoring fans.

Before singing for the judges, Robin said: "It might surprise you, but I've not always been the bright and confident bird I am today.

"The most exciting Aviary is one with diversity. I know just how valuable a mentor can be."

Fifth performance

Episode seven saw the Robin croon to Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran, successfully dazzling the judges and making it through to the finale.

Giving a few more clues, they said: "This Robin might have a red breast, but he's also known for being blue.

"Starting out at nay career in a young age means you have to grow up fast. As a Robin, I've evolved quickly. You could say my discovery was almost accidental.

"Tonight, this Robin is reaching for the high notes and hoping for success."

Judges' guesses

Two names have come up time and time again with the judges – Olly Murs and Nicky Byrne.

Judges Rita, Davina, Jonathan and Mo both felt either singer could be behind the mask as they hazarded guesses on the show.

JLS star Aston Merrygold – who is currently leading the fan theories – has also been pitched by the panel, and elsewhere, music legend Craig David, of Born To Do It fame, has also seen his name thrown into the ring.

Spirit In The Sky crooner Gareth Gates and Blue's Lee Ryan have also been suggested in recent weeks, but judges seemed to have moved away from them as they get to know Robin better.

Rapper Big Narstie was once put forward, with the panel nodding in agreement.

And, Rita's most memorable guess was when she wondered was the person inside the suit a "Raven" – in reference to the NFL team in Baltimore.

Aston Merrygold

So far, Aston Merrygold is the most popular vote for viewers at home, with many convinced the JLS singer is behind the mask.

Last weekend's clue, in which he said Robin is "known for being blue" seemed to seal the deal for viewers.

Of the four JLS band members, Aston was always associated with the colour blue, in everything from the packaging on his JLS-brand condoms to his jumpers on tour.

Another clue appeared to be a reference to his time on X Factor, as Robin said: "Starting out at any career at a young age means you have to grow up fast. As a Robin, I've evolved quickly. You could say my discovery was almost accidental."

Aston, 32, was one-fifth of the boyband, who rose to fame on the ITV singing competition in 2008 after coming second to Alexandra Burke, only to split five years later.

In the X factor final, the group belted out their own version of Westlife's Flying Without Wings – something fans suspect has been referenced on Masked Singer.

During his first performance, Robin said: "I may be a Robin, but I have been known to fly without wings."

On top of that, when Robin performed Michael Jackson's hit Rockin' Robin on the show, fans felt it was a hidden clue.

Travelling back in time, Aston previously sang the same track during an appearance on Stars in their Eyes in 2002, in which he finished in second place.

Is Robin Aston Merrygold?

Olly Murs

TOWIE's Mark Wright asked the question on everybody's lips last month when he quizzed Olly Murs on The Masked Singer.

When Mark revealed he was the bookies' favourite for the Robin, Olly denied the claims, saying: "Course I'm not."

"But are you actually not?" Mark probed, only for Olly to reply: "Well, I mean… I can't actually… if I was Robin I wouldn't be able to tell you, would I? I'm definitely not the Robin, what else do you want me to say? Definitely not me."

However, Mark seemed to come up with some evidence when he asked Olly to sing one of his favourite tour songs, Justin Timberlake's Can't Stop The Feeling.

After Olly started crooning, Mark yelped: "I think we've stitched him! I think we've got him. I think we've cracked the Robin on The Masked Singer!"

Olly hung up the phone, but his reaction to Mark's probing isn't the only reason fans are convinced he's behind the mask.

Many of Robin's clues point to football, which was Olly's first choice for a career before rising to fame as a singer.

The Voice coach still plays for his Coggeshall Town team and has made a celeb appearance in Soccer Aid in the past.

Is Robin Olly Murs?

Peter Andre

Peter Andre's name has been bandied around a lot during this year's Masked Singer, with many convinced he was the Bush Baby thanks to his Aussie heritage.

However, Bush Baby was recently unmasked as actor John Thomson, leaving fans wondering whether they had chosen the wrong character.

Fans have pointed out Robin's accent also resembles that of Andre's, thanks to his Aussie twang.

And, Robin's decision to sing "Rockin' Robin," by Michael Jackson, was interpreted by some as a reference to Peter's childhood performances.

The Mysterious Girl singer used to compete in competitions as a miniature version of Jacko, dressing up like the singer and doing renditions of his hit tracks.

On top of that, the "tropical habitat" Robin mentioned could be a nod to his roots Down Under.

Peter previously touched on speculation he was taking part in the show, writing about the ITV guessing game in New! magazine.

He said: "Jonathan Ross has suggested that the Bush Baby on The Masked Singer could be me.

"At this point in time, I'm able to say nothing, because it would spoil the fun, wouldn't it?

"It's a great show, and I think they should get me on there as a judge."

Nicky Byrne

Westlife singer Nicky Byrne has seen his name mentioned time and time again throughout the competition, but he recently added fuel to the fire on Twitter.

The 42-year-old Irishman shared a video of a robin in his garden, which sent Masked Singer fans into meltdown, with some wondering whether it was a leaked hint.

"Look at this little fella I saw today! #cute," he captioned the video of the bird, only for fans to assume it was a reference to the show.

On top of that, one of Robin's clues appeared to be a nod to one of Westlife's most enduring chart-toppers.

Robin hinted: "I may be a Robin, but I have been known to fly without wings."

In 1999, the Irish boyband earned a number one with their song Flying Without Wings, which went on to become their signature track, standing the test of time.

Is Robin Nicky Byrne?

The Masked Singer UK finale airs on Saturday, February 13 at 7pm on ITV.

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