Matt Tebbutt blasted by BBC viewers over ‘squeamish’ dish

Saturday Kitchen: Matt Tebutt cooks dish using pig trotters

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Saturday Kitchen returned to the BBC this weekend with a new instalment of the cooking show. Host Matt Tebbutt welcomed chefs Meera Sodha and David Carter, wine expert Olly Smith and musical guests, Michael Ball and Alfie Boe onto the show. However, as Matt took to the kitchen to cook one dish, he was met with backlash from viewers.

Meera Sodha kicked off the cooking segment where she created a Sri Lankan daal with lime and coconut kale.

While the guest chef cooked, Matt spoke to Michael Ball and Alfie Boe about their new album, Together in Vegas.

After positive feedback and a beer suggestion from Olly, it was Matt’s turn to intrigue viewers and share his skills in the kitchen. 

As the chef spoke on the return of kitchen appliances, Matt shared he would be using a slow cooker to cook pig trotters on toast.

He said: “One piece of kit that’s making a bit of a comeback is this, a slow cooker, incredibly energy efficient compared to an oven.  

“Make’s it great for recipes that need plenty of time to stew like this one here, using pigs trotters, now bear with, they’re not the best looking piece of kit.”

As Matt spoke more about the cut of meat, viewers took to social media with disgust as they blasted the chef. 

@KeithPenelope3 tweeted: “Make life worse during a cost of living crisis by eating trotters.”

@TheDonMacKay added: “Nothing like the sight of pigs trotters at half ten on a Saturday morning.”

@Lels1960 stated: “I’d rather not eat than have anything to do with pig’s trotters.”

A disgusted @leannemrichards added: “Oof the pig’s trotters just spoilt my morning toast.”

As he began making the dish, Matt defended his choice and said: “I know there’s a lot of people at home now being quite squeamish about this.

“If we eat pork we should be eating the whole animal, proper nose-to-tail eating,” he added.  


Proper nose to tail eating


Proper nose to tail eating

Other viewers also agreed with this sentiment as they took to social media to praise the chef and encouraged others to cook trotters. 

@the_a_stevenson wrote: “This is brilliant. #SaturdayKitchen doing pigs’ trotters. We’ve got to get people over only eating prime cuts. Bravo @matt_tebbutt.”

The viewer added: “Didn’t know [Morrisons]  sold trotters and other offal. The nearest one isn’t that near, but maybe I should take a look.”

Chef David Carter opened up about his upbringing in Barbados and spoke about eating pigtails. 

He shared: “Pigtails are a big thing over there on the side of the street, so we interpreted that in the restaurant. 

“We’ve got pigtails that we boil, then we fry twice.”

David explained: “The first time is for the moisture and the second time is for the crispy and we put like a soy honey, almost like soy eel sushi glaze on top.”

Although viewers never got the see the guest’s reaction to the dish, chef David Carter then took to the kitchen to make fire-roasted aubergine with feta, balsamic and green onions. 

Saturday Kitchen airs weekly on BBC at 10am

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