Meghan Markle called ‘unfunny’ after birthday clip in fiery This Morning rant

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Beverley Turner took a swipe at Meghan Markle for being "unfunny" and for coming across as "hammy" during her 40th birthday video with actress Melissa McCarthy.

The broadcaster made the dig at the royal during Thursday's episode of This Morning, where she appeared alongside Ruth Langsford, Eamonn Holmes and Matthew Wright.

The American actress released the video to celebrate her 40th birthday and starred in it alongside fellow starlet Melissa McCarthy, who brought a comical take.

Meghan explains to Melissa how, for her birthday, she’s asking 40 women to donate 40 minutes of their time to help mentor a woman who is going back to work after the pandemic.

Beverley began: "The principle behind it is great and we know that loads of women across the world have lost their jobs but there's so much Meghan Markle in this.

"I was personally surprised that she was 40 because in many ways so much of what she says and does seems like somebody with much less wisdom.

"And also we realised that she's just not very funny, it just wasn't funny at all."

She continued: "I know this idea when she takes the mickey out of herself, it's quite self-deprecating under the tree but it's just hammy and it misses the mark."

"And when she started by saying to Melissa McCarthy 'I've got an idea' you just felt like there must be meetings that go on every week wit her people where she starts a meeting like that and everyone goes 'ugh what's going to happen now, what's she going to say now?'"

Ruth then interjected Beverley during her rant to ask for Matthew's input on the video.

The host said: "Melissa McCarthy, Matthew, is a big name and they seem to be queuing up to be involved in anything she does."

Matthew replied: "She is a big name and I'm kind of really torn about it because everything Beverley has just said about it it is kind of naff and the comedy is a bit cringey.

"But the message that she's getting out there about how women have been affected by Covid is a really important one."

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