Midnight Mass ending explained: Will the angel return?

Midnight Mass: Trailer for new horror show on Netflix

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Midnight Mass has just arrived on Netflix and fans were left on the edge of their seats at the cliffhanger ending. The horror TV series was created by Mike Flanagan and it stars many of his closest colleagues, including his own wife Kate Siegel as Erin Greene. Express.co.uk has all you need to know about what happened at the end of Midnight Mass.

What happened at the end of Midnight Mass?

When Father Paul (played by Hamish Linklater) first arrived on Crockett Island, the residents felt their luck was changing and their faith had been restored.

But they very quickly learned he was no ordinary priest, and he in fact brought chaos with him wherever he went.

Father Paul had in fact lied to the residents about his predecessor’s condition, as he was Monsignor Pruitt reincarnated.

The priest had returned as a younger version of himself, and he had been rid of his previous ailments.

During his pilgrimage, he had separated from the rest of the group and stumbled across an ancient ruin.

There he met an Angel of the Lord, who turned the priest young again, restoring him of his youthful mind and body.

However, the miracle did not come without its setbacks as when he started performing acts of divine intervention, his health started to deteriorate.

In the end, he was unable to stand being in sunlight and could only come out during nightfall.

He also developed a taste for human blood, a fate that fell on some of the other residents who drank from the communion cup.

One by one the residents started to notice their bodies changing.

During the last midnight mass, the residents poisoned themselves as they knew they would wake up again as Father Paul had done.

A number of revelations came to light at the end of the series as the priest had been in a relationship with Mildred (Alex Essoe).

Together, they had Dr Gunning (Annabeth Gish) as their child and as a family, they wanted to live together for all eternity.

However, things had not worked out as planned, as Pruitt ended up causing a wave of destruction.

Annie (Kristin Lehman) and Ed Flynn (Henry Thomas) were the only residents who resisted temptation and would not feed their desire for blood.

The angel, who had been on the island with the priest the whole time, rose once more to finish off the residents.

Leeza (Annarah Cymone) and Warren (Igby Rigney) were the only survivors and as Leeza could no longer feel her legs, it perhaps signified the death of the angel.

Erin Greene had managed to damage the angel’s wings, but creator Flanagan said he did not want to suggest the angel had died.

Fans only saw the angel fly off before the sunrise, so there is a chance it could return one day.

Flanagan told The Wrap: “We’re not saying he died… Our hope really there was just to say that Leeza’s concentration in her blood had begun to tip back, that she was going to be OK.

“We didn’t want it to confirm about The Angel, in that way that you can never kill fanaticism, it’ll always kind of come back. But I love that that’s what it meant to you!”

Fans have taken to Twitter to share their thoughts on the series, with IA saying: “#MidnightMass’s first episode is probably the best episode I watched this year out of any TV show yet. The suspense and soundtrack just gave me such a shutter island vibe…”

Meanwhile, Paul from Heavy Spoilers added: “Believe the hype. #MidnightMass is one of the best shows ever made.”

J.Mendoza commented: “It takes a great performer to really make you hate a character. Samantha Sloyan is that performer and that character is Bev. #MidnightMass.”

Midnight Mass is streaming on Netflix now.

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