Naked Attraction beauty amazed by contestant’s unusual penis ‘talent’ on show

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Naked Attraction has seen contestants perform a whole host of talents over the years, with a dancing penis making its debut on Tuesday evening.

Trying his best to land a date, one contestant showed singleton Kelly, 27, how he was able to make his genitals twitch up and down in a dancing motion.

Presenter Anna Richardson was amazed by the skill, as she gestured to the contestant's penis and exclaimed over his "talent".

"He can make his c**k move," Anna pointed out.

Flabbergasted by the gesture, Kelly's mouth fell open as she struggled to find the words to describe the unusual twitching motion she'd witnessed.

She simply said: "Oh my god. Wow."

Anna added: "Imagine that talent."

Unfortunately, the male contestant was sent home soon after, with his dancing skills failing to sufficiently impress carer Kelly.

Bidding him farewell, Anna said: "Take yourself and your twitchy willy through the arches."

In a piece to camera, the contestant seemed disappointed his moves were lacklustre, as he bemoaned the fact Kelly "didn't appreciate my dance moves".

However, he pointed out the music was likely to blame, as he preferred to move his bits to the right tempo.

Kelly settled on contestant Adam after several eliminations, admitting: "It's the accent just topped it for me."

Getting dressed, the pair headed out for drinks together, where sparks started to fly as the conversation flowed.

At the end of the evening, the pair shared a kiss, with Adam later confessing: "I can honestly say that was probably the best kiss that I’ve ever had."

Three weeks later, they returned to the studio, where they revealed they were still dating, their relationship taking off since filming wrapped.

"We’re seeing each other, aren’t we," Adam explained.

"She’s beautiful and she’s funny," he added, only for Kelly to reply: "You’re a decent bloke."

Kelly admitted they weren't in love yet, but both confessed they "liked" one another considerably.

Watch this space!

Naked Attraction continues next Tuesday at 10pm on Channel 4.

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