NCIS Los Angeles blunder: Sam Hanna’s major continuity error in season 1 exposed

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NCIS and its two spin-offs are famed for their slick action and compelling plots throughout its long history on CBS. Despite remaining one of the most popular shows in the US, some rather embarrassing production mistakes sometimes slip through the cracks.

NCIS: Los Angeles cut short its latest season by four episodes due to the spread of coronavirus across the states.

As the pandemic continues, devoted NCIS fans may be waiting some time before the cast and crew are safe to kickstart production on season 12.

The NCIS spin-off began back in 2009 and introduced fans to a compelling new team based in Los Angeles, led by Field Agents G. Callen (played by Chris O’Donnell) and Sam Hanna (LL Cool J).

Although the first season pulled in millions of viewers each week, some perceptive fans have spotted some confusing mistakes viewers might have missed the first time round.


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During one of the LA team’s very first cases in episode six, Keepin’ It Real, Callen and Hanna investigate the suspected suicide of a Marine corporal.

Events take a dramatic turn when they realise the corporal’s death was actually murder, and the NCIS agents uncover a massive counterfeiting ring.

Sadly, one fan exposed how the team’s gripping early case wasn’t as well-executed as it appeared.

They took to online discussion forums to explain a particularly noticeable editing mistake when Sam Hanna searches the murdered Marine’s house for clues.

The fan said: “When Sam finds the list of “Guitar Hero” receipts in Corporal Valdivia’s house, he flips the top page to the bottom of the pile.

“In the next shot he has the following page in his hand, without having moved.”

NCIS editors often chop and change shots to keep the action moving, but it seems a couple of crucial frames were lost in the final cut.

Thankfully, most viewers were too engrossed in the action to notice and the series managed to steam ahead for another ten seasons.

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Despite playing a part in some NCIS blunders, LL Cool J has remained instrumental to the progression of the series throughout 11 successful seasons.

The actor and rapper even touched on how the series’ depiction of law enforcement could see some changes following the recent Black Lives Matter protests.

He told Deadline: “This is a time when you have to decide to be on the right side of history, and there is no being neutral.

“I had to stand and speak the truth and just really represent the people the right way and just let people know what I was feeling.”


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When the series returns for season 12, fans could see Sam Hanna and the team go through some of their biggest challenges yet.

As well as a shift in the tone of the series, viewers are eagerly awaiting the NCIS team to take down their latest threat, Argento (Juan Riedinger).

There is still no word on when production on season 12 may continue, but CBS have assured fans the missing episodes will roll over to the start of NCIS: LA’s new instalment.

NCIS: Los Angeles seasons 1-11 are available on CBS All Access.

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