‘NCIS’: Ziva Said Gibbs Is in Danger, but What Could It Be?

The season16 finale of NCIS left viewerswith a lot of questions. The top question: what danger was Ziva(Cote de Pablo) referring to? Before the episode concluded, she gives Gibbsthis stern warning: “Hello, Gibbs. No time for pleasantries — you’re indanger.” What danger could Gibbs possibly be in? Viewers are on edge, but noone will get any answers until season 17. Although it will be some time beforewe learn exactly what’s going on, NCISfans took to Reddit to guess what the danger might be. Here’s what fans came upwith.

Some fans think a drug lord is after Gibbs

The first guess made by many fans was that a drug lord has it out for Gibbs. Some viewers on Reddit came to this conclusion because in the NCIS season 16 finale, Gibbs helps agents pin down the pharmacist who killed a drug dealer and filled prescriptions for the counterfeit drugs that led to Emily Fornell’s overdose. Things get tense in the interrogation room after the pharmacist says it isn’t safe to look for the drug lord who supplied the fake pills because he’s quite dangerous. He warns Gibbs, saying, “You do not want to mess with this guy.” Gibbs boldly responds, “Oh yeah, I do. I do, trust me.” However, the pharmacist hesitates to give a name, saying, “I give you that name and I’m a dead man.” It looks like the pharmacist did supply the name and now Gibbs might be the dead man.

Others think a drug cartel wants revenge for the death of Pedro Hernandez

Although some people think a drug lord is after Gibbs,others don’t agree. One fan said a drug lord wouldn’t want to reveal hisidentity and that going after Gibbs wouldn’t be worth the trouble. Rather, hethinks it’s really a cartel who wants Gibbs dead because he killed PedroHernandez. In a previous episode, Gibbs revealed to his team that he killedHernandez because he killed his wife and children. This NCIS fan is convinced the cartel is hot on Gibbs’ trail:

I doubt it’s the drug lord. Why should he expose himself? Nobody will talk; the case is closed. Attacking a federal agent wouldn’t solve anything, they would do everything in their power to get him. I would say it’s a cartel that learned that [Gibbs] was the guy who killed their man 20 years ago. That’s personal and that would make sense. The issue is that [Gibbs] would need to leave his job and go into hiding if they would really personally target him. We had that case at NCIS: LA with the son of Mosley, and finally she had to off his dad to make the threat stop.

A third guess is that someone is after both Ziva and Gibbs

Some fans don’t believe it’s a drug lord or a cartel targeting Gibbs. Someone else on the Reddit forum thinks Ziva and Gibbs have a common enemy who wants revenge. “I’m gonna take a wild guess and say it is an old villain Ziva and Gibbs are dealing with,” said the fan. Hopefully NCIS season 17 will give us some answers.

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