Netflix fans so scared by creepy show Unsolved Mysteries the theme tune makes them ‘vomit’ and gives them nightmares

NETFLIX fans are so freaked out by Unsolved Mysteries that even the theme tune makes them "vomit" with fright and gives them nightmares.

After the first six episodes were aired at the beginning of the month, many TV lovers have binge-watched the reboot of the 1987 show of the same name.

But it's certainly come at a price.

Viewers have already been left so scared that they couldn't sleep after watching the programme, and now it looks like they're getting creeped out by the opening credits.

Taking to Twitter, fans of the show have checked in to make sure they're not the only ones who think that the theme tune is super frightening – with some even feeling queasy because they're so scared.

One wrote: "Addicted to Unsolved Mysteries minus the fact the theme song makes me want to vomit and die simultaneously"

A second tweeted: "Hearing the intro music for the new Unsolved Mysteries on Netflix makes me want to vomit and crawl out of my skin and run around screaming. Just like the good ol’ days. #1998"

Another said: "#UnsolvedMysteries theme music on @netflix brings back so many nightmares."

A fourth wrote: "Why does the #UnsolvedMysteries theme tune have to be so damn creepy though?"

Another user said: "Me when the childhood trauma is reactivated by hearing the theme tune to #UnsolvedMysteries."

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A sixth added: "The unsolved mystery theme tune gives me f*****g chills"

Another tweeted: "So, to anyone else watching #UnsolvedMysteries rn, did anyone else experience intense amounts of dread and disgust when Rob, from the second episode, pulled out Patrice's ashes and lovingly stroked them and said "I’ll always have her", beause it made me wanna vomit."

An eight person tweeted: "Unsolved mysteries is NOT trying to give this man a platform to brag about snuggling with his dead wife’s ashes rn I am going to VOMIT"

Fans were also recently left horrified when a man on the show revealed that he sleeps with his dead wife's skull and ashes.

The husband of Patrice Endres – a wife and mother who went missing from her salon in Cumming, Georgia back in 2004 – made the shocking confession during his stint on the reboot.

Viewers were completely disgusted at his confession and took to the social media platform again to express their horror.

One Twitter user wrote: "Episode 2: when the husband said “yes I’m protective of Patrice. I have her” I got a chill. That comment creeped me out. He’s suspicious as hell."

The show has even converted UFO sceptics after sharing their "most compelling evidence yet" in the Berkshire sightings case.

Several viewers have admitted to changing their minds about UFOs after listening to accounts from four families who claim to have been abducted by a flying saucer on September 1, 1969.

The episode sees Thomas Reed explain how he and his family can’t recount three hours while driving in their car after seeing a ray of light, before revealing he saw another Berkshire resident Melanie Kirchdorfer aboard a ship.

Another resident, Tommy Warner, was a child when he apparently disappeared into a blinding light that same night.

It was recently revealed by creator Terry Dunn Meurer that the reboot had prompted 1500 new case leads in its first week, and it’s thought the case of Alonzo Brooks – who disappeared from a Kansas party in 2004 – could be the first case to be solved.

Terry told TMZ that around 50 of the 1500 tips the team has received have been “forwarded to the appropriate law enforcement agencies”.

Alonzo was last seen on April 3, 2004, at a local house party in rural Kansas.

His friends, confused about who was giving who a ride home, accidentally left Alonzo at the party. He never made it home and his body was discovered a month later.

The 12-part series follows a different unsolved mystery each episode, which include unexplained disappearances, brutal murders and paranormal encounters.

Unresolved Mysteries is available to stream on Netflix now.

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