Netflix viewers brand The Wonder ‘eerie and scary’ as they’re given warning

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    Netflix viewers have branded psychological thriller, The Wonder, the best movie of 2022 – but have recognised its "eerie" depiction.

    The creepy period drama starring Florence Pugh had a limited cinema release but is widely available on the subscription based platform.

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    Before viewers watch, a warning has been issued on the film to note that the film involves sex scenes and references to child sex abuse, with one fan reiterating the statement as they reminded viewers to be aware of the themes within the film.

    Actress Florence plays the role of English nurse Elizabeth 'Lib' Wright, who is sent to an Irish village to see Anna (Kíla Lord Cassidy), a girl who hasn't eaten any food for a number of months.

    Despite this, the little girl has managed not to starve, or at least her family says so which they try to reiterate to nurse Elizabeth.

    Taking on the job of looking after the little girl who claims she is sustained by "manna from heaven" alone, Elizabeth tries her best to get to the bottom of the mystery as she reports back on her apparently divine providence.

    Elizabeth isn't the only one who is trying to solve the problem as she also has to contend with Sister Michael (Josie Walker), who has also been ordered to watch over the girl.

    The Wonder is an adaptation of a bestselling novel of the same name that was written by Emma Donoghue, who also wrote Room.

    Those that have seen the film on Netflix have been pleased with the portrayal and have jumped onto Twitter to share their thoughts.

    One person wrote: "Can really recommend The Wonder on Netflix wonderful performances and cinematography."

    A second social media user echoed: "Absolutely loved The Wonder with Florence Pugh on Netflix. Defs recommend. Especially those with religious trauma."

    But while people have praised the film, others have spoken on its eerie nature, with one person writing: "The eerie and haunting background sounds was really eerie and scary but I kept watching as I want to find out the truth behind the claim of the miracle girl who survives without food."

    Meanwhile another said: "Please read up on the warnings before watching. It's a good film, but pay attention to the warnings.

    The film has also received positive reviews from critics too, with Rotten Tomatoes giving it a 87 percent approval while describing the film as a "fascinating" watch which was elevated by "Florence Pugh's remarkable performance".

    Despite the positive views claimed they wasn't sure what to make of it while another felt Netflix could have done more to "support" the film upon release on the platform.


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