Nicki Minaj and Husband Blasted by Sexual Assault Victim in First TV Interview

The ‘Super Bass’ hitmaker and her hubby Kenneth Petty are slammed in an explosive TV interview by Jennifer Hough, the woman whom he allegedly sexually assaulted.

AceShowbiz -The woman who accused Nicki Minaj‘s husband of sexual assault has blasted the rapper for attempting to make her retract her claims in her first TV interview.

Jennifer Hough appeared on U.S. show “The Real” on Wednesday (22Sep21) and revealed she agreed to show her face because she was tired of being afraid, following a campaign to discredit her led by Minaj and Kenneth Petty.

She previously accused the couple of bribery and alleged Nicki and her associates repeatedly reached out to her and her family in an effort to get her to issue a statement denying she was sexually assaulted by Petty in 1994 when she was 15.

Speaking to hosts Garcelle Beauvais and Adrienne Bailon on “The Real”, Hough said, “I feel like the actions that were taken in regards to this whole situation have put me in a different type of fear… and it was wrong. I don’t want to be afraid anymore. So the only way not to be afraid is to continue to speak up.”

She recounted her assault, revealing Petty forced her into a house after a chance meeting at a bus stop. Police were called to the property after the incident and Hough watched as cops brought him out in handcuffs before taking her to a nearby hospital.

Petty was convicted and placed on a sex offender list, but Nicki has always maintained her husband and Jennifer were dating at the time of the incident, insisting Petty was 15 at the time.

“It wasn’t true,” Jennifer said. “We both were 16, we were never in a relationship. I just felt woman to woman that was wrong of her.”

Petty is currently in trouble for failing to register as a sex offender in California. He has entered a plea deal while suing New York officials to get his name off the state’s Sex Offender Registry.

He claims he never got the chance to challenge the ruling, made back in 2004, and now wants his day in court.

Hough is suing Nicki and Kenneth for intentional infliction of emotional distress, harassment, and witness intimidation.

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