Nightmare tenants with a toddler live with poo and rubbish all over trashed home

Tenants from hell left dog poo all over their home and covered the house in rubbish – while sharing the property with a toddler.

Nightmare tenant, Danny, even threatened to "rip the flesh off the face" of his letting agent when he came to inspect the problems after a raft of complaints from neighbours.

People living nearby had contacted Paul Ainsworth Lord after "banging music" and a strong smell of cannabis.

One neighbour said the music was blaring from 3pm until 6am.

She said: "The music was terrible. It started at 3pm on Friday and was bouncing off the walls.

"I couldn't hear the TV. I went to work at 10pm and when I came home at 6am it was still banging."

While another added: "The smell of cannabis was coming into my home and I have children so I don't want that."

Faced with these complaints, letting agent Paul Ainsworth Lord pays a visit to the property and is horrified by what he finds.

Rubbish piled high and even dog poo litters the property.

Many of the doors and damaged because fists have been slammed into them.

Paul had rented the house to two young lads, Danny and Simon, and had high hopes they would take care of it.

But following the raft of complaints and the state of the home, he now just wants them out.

It turns out Simon has already left the house – but Danny has moved his girlfriend and her toddler in instead.

On a second visit to the home, to issue eviction orders, Paul speaks to one of Danny's friends on the phone who threatens to "rip the flesh off his face".

Danny soon appears, promises to repair the damage to the doors and clean up all the rubbish before leaving.

The day for Danny to be out of the house comes and goes and letting agent Paul has heard nothing from his tenant.

He goes to inspect the property to check Danny, his girlfriend and her toddler have left.

The house seems empty – but the scene of devastation is appalling.

There is rubbish everywhere and the walls are covered in black, scrawls of grafitti.

Many of the doors have now been totally ripped off their frames and have huge holes in them.

Windows have been broken and many of the kitchen cupboard doors have been smashed.

Even pictures the home owner had left hanging on the walls have been broken.

Paul said: "It makes me really angry because it's just nasty and peevish.

"I regret giving them the house, it's a version of evilness."

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