‘No skeletons in the cupboard’ Pimlico Plumbers boss wants Sajid Javid for PM

Charlie Mullins asked if he’d ‘force’ staff to be vaccinated

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In June, former Health Secretary Matt Hancock resigned after he admitted breaching social distancing guidelines. He announced his resignation and issued an apology after CCTV footage showed him embracing a colleague, Gina Coladangelo, in a Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) office. Soon after his resignation, Prime Minister Boris Johnson confirmed former Chancellor Sajid Javid would replace him as the new Health Secretary.

There were mixed reviews from members from the public after Javid was appointed as Health Secretary.

However, Pimlico Plumbers boss Charlie Mullins thinks he is the best man for the job.

He even went as far as to say that Javid would make a great Prime Minister.

Speaking to Express.co.uk in an inclusive interview, about Javid’s new position, Mullins began “It is certainly a great move and a breath of fresh air from as far as the government are concerned, and the public. I think it was much needed.”

He continued: “’l have met him a few times and worked with him on apprenticeships.

“I’m going to be honest. For me, he is Prime Minister material.

“He’s the one I am betting on to be the next Prime Minister.

“I think the man is great. He’s got no skeletons in the cupboard. He comes from a working-class family, and he is respectful to everybody.”

The 68-year-old went on point out that Javid would be the “best man for the job”.

Mullins, who has previously made his views on the coronavirus vaccine very clear since it went into circulation late last year, went on to add that he would be willing to let employees go if they were not willing to get the jab.

He also raised concerns about the pandemic getting worse which would have a detrimental effect on the economy.

“I can see this pandemic getting worse and the danger is having to close down businesses and the economy,” the boss said.

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He added: “We’ve been given one bit of help which is the vaccine.

“And if people are refusing to take that help, as an employer I have a duty to protect my staff and customers.

“I’m afraid I’m prepared to go to the Supreme Court on that basis.

“I’m not going jeopardise any of my staff members because somebody doesn’t want to have to have the jab.”



“There’s so much scaremongering about it,” he continued.

“But I don’t think it’s nowhere near as dangerous as what people are saying.

“And you know it has been proven by the amount of jabs that have gone out in the UK, and how it’s working.”

More than 37 million people across the UK have now received both doses of the coronavirus vaccine as the rollout ramps up a gear to combat the spread of the Delta variant.

According to the NHS, all adults aged 18 or over and now eligible to receive their vaccine.

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