Our Yorkshire Farm’s Amanda Owen found new role ‘awkward’ on BBC

Amanda Owen opens up about ‘awkwardness’ of meeting farmers

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The Our Yorkshire Farm star appeared on Morning Live on Tuesday to discuss her new BBC programme, Winter Walks, which will see her and other famous faces taking walks along the countryside. Amanda Owen, 47, will be tracking from Bainbridge and Semer Water. As she spoke to Gethin Jones and Kimberley Walsh on the BBC chat show, she revealed that she felt “awkwardness” among other farmers at times.

“You met some farmers along the way, didn’t you?” Kimberly asked the shepherdess.

Amanda replied: “I did, I did. I mean, as a farmer and shepherd myself, of course, I did feel a little sense of awkwardness that I was straying onto someone’s patch.

“I was just like a sheep really, I suppose.

“Our sheep are sort of hoofed to the farm, they stay on their patch and they know where they live and I felt a bit like that.”

She continued: “So, even though the walk was just on my doorstep, sometimes, what you’ve got on your doorstep you pass by.

“You don’t appreciate it.

“So meeting the other farmers, I did feel like, ‘my goodness, they’re going to wonder what on earth I’m doing here’.

“Because although it’s a switch off, it’s easy to say that you go there to sort of switch off, you’re still your own person at the end of the day.

“So as a shepherd I’m looking at the sheep, I’m looking at the dry stone walls – there’s a little bit of that still in me.”

Other episodes of the show will see Alastair Campbell, Kate Bottley, and Nihal Arthanayake also taking on the mindful practice.

Alastair appeared alongside Amanda on Morning Live and spoke about his own experience.

“You’re both obviously from completely different worlds, professionally,” Kimberly told the pair.

“But you share a love for Yorkshire, as do I.”

“Well I was born there,” Alastair explained. “I lived there until I was 11, my dad was a vet in the sort of landscapes that you see in our films.

“And I’ve got no family in Yorkshire because both my parents are dead and when we moved away, it had only been us there as a family, most of our family are in Scotland.

“So when I go back north now it’s usually to see Burnley, which is not Yorkshire.

“But I do think the older I’ve got, the more I understand that I’ve probably always had this love of landscapes.

“And living in London you get out to places like that and honestly I love this film because it’s like you’re bathing in a different world.”

Morning Live airs weekdays at 9.15am on BBC One, while Winter Walks is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

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