Piers Morgan left speechless by Susanna Reid wardrobe bombshell: ‘Really?!’

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Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid were back on Good Morning Britain today discussing the news that Leicester has been thrown back into lockdown with stricter rules after a significant rise in COVID-19 cases. Piers also went on a rant about his BBC Breakfast competitor Dan Walker following an interview with Health Secretary Matt Hancock. However, Piers was left absolutely speechless today after Susanna dropped the bombshell that she doesn’t own an iron. 

Viewers may remember on yesterday’s edition of Good Morning Britain, Susanna announced that Tony Blair had made a shocking claim. 

It was recently reported that the former Prime Minister hasn’t done any housework, or washed his own clothes since 1997. 

This sparked off a conversation between Piers and Susanna today, but for once, the outspoken GMB host was lost for words. 

Susanna said: “Anyone who doesn’t do the ironing is forgiven. I don’t even own an iron.”


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Piers obviously hadn’t heard this first omission and said: “Ironing is so boring.”

Susanna continued: “I can’t bear it, I don’t have an iron, I don’t have an ironing board.”

Piers snapped around to look at his co-host and for a moment was utterly dumbfounded. 

Eventually, he said: “Really? Who irons your clothes?”

She replied: “Nobody. There is nobody in my house who irons clothes.

“You just wash them and hang them out -” she added before being interrupted. 

Piers really couldn’t believe what she was saying and again chirped back: “Really? Nobody irons anything?”

Susanna laughed at Piers’ reaction and repeated: “No, I literally don’t have an iron.”

Outraged at the idea that he hosts with someone who doesn’t, by her own omission, own an iron, he harped on: “What? You don’t have an iron?”

He just sat for a moment in silence looking at his co-host. 

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“Well on that bombshell, we will be back in a moment,” Piers added, “Um, incredible I’m reeling.

“Let’s come back in a moment when I get my head around the fact that Susanna Reid doesn’t possess an iron.”

Elsewhere on Good Morning Britain today, Piers was furious that it had been nine weeks now since a number of Government ministers started to boycott going on the show. 

However, after BBC Breakfast host Dan Walker interviewed the Health Secretary this morning, Piers went on a huge rant, saying the host had “blown it”. 


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“Get in there Walker, for goodness sake man. He’s talking complete nonsense,” Piers hit out. 

Susanna jumped in as she remarked: “Oh my goodness. Now you’re ranting at presenters on other programmes.”

Piers continued: “Because he’s [Dan Walker] getting the interviews because he won’t jump in and say, ‘What are you talking about Health Secretary?’

“What could be a more important bit of data than how many people are being tested? What could possibly be more important?

“And yet you pretend it’s meaningless.” the host concluded.  

Good Morning Britain airs on ITV weekdays at 6am.

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