Piers Morgan slams Good Morning Britain guest after fiery row with Kate Garraway

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Piers Morgan has taken social media to slam a Good Morning Britain guest for rowing with Kate Garraway over vaccine passports.

The outspoken star, who is on a break from presenting to coincide with half term, saw red after Dominique Samuels slammed the idea of a vaccine Covid pass.

Dominique, 22, is against the idea that members of the public may not be able to enter certain venues or travel abroad without the a coronavirus vaccine.

Never one to mince his words, Piers lashed out from his London home: "I think Dominique should surrender her normal passport.

"It’s ‘ridiculous’ that she should be mandated to use one before she flies & a terrible attack on her freedom.

"Hand it back, Dominique and enjoy your freedom never to travel again."

During a feisty exchange on Tuesday, Dominique turned on Kate for 'not letting her finish' and interrupting.

Kate insisted that in reality ITV had given more time than initially planned to the debate.

The clash came after Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab confirmed proposals to introduce a passport style platform to allow immunised Brits lead a normal life are being debate in the Whitehall.

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Far from impressed, Dominique said: "It's a ridiculous idea for a few reasons, and I can't believe we're even having this conversation.

"But the first thing, we're de facto mandating by deciding who can and can't do things in society such as bars and restaurants when the government has said we'd never go down the road of mandating vaccines.

"This is mandating vaccines just through the backdoor."

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She added: "What is even the point of the vaccination programme when our most vulnerable on society that account for 80-90 per cent of our hospitalisations and deaths will be protected by the vaccines.

"Why then do we need to go down the route of excluding other people from society and stop them from using other facilities?

"This is essentially creating a class of two people within society: the vaccinated versus the unvaccinated, and this will greatly impact young people."

Piers wasn't the only person to be defensive of Kate.

Countless Good Morning Britain fans took to social media to rally behind the former I'm A Celeb star.

One fan wrote: "I can’t believe this woman is talking like this with Kate Garraway who knows first hand the damage this virus causes. Well said Kate."

Another chimed in: "Well done Kate. That must have been a tough one…..words fail me."

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