Piers Morgan 'sorry' for covid interview that sparked 2,000 complaints – because he 'didn't go harder' for Kate Garraway

PIERS Morgan says he's only sorry for "not going harder" on the politicians who are running scared of Good Morning Britain.

The 55-year-old has admitted his colleague Kate Garraway's personal struggle with Covid has been his inspiration.

But the government is boycotting the show after his interview with care minister Helen Whately in April sparked 2,000 complaints.

Unrepentant Piers insists he should have gone further in their fiery clash.

Kate's husband Derek Draper was admitted to hospital on March 30, and is Britain’s longest-suffering Covid inpatient.

Piers says it's "shameful" politicians won't face her, telling the Mirror: “It’s shocking that they haven’t done that.

"You are going to snub someone whose husband is in a coma from Covid. It’s shameful.”

Piers was accused of bullying conservative MP Helen when she tried to defend why so few people in care homes had been tested at the height of the pandemic.

But the complaints were thrown out by the TV regulator.

He added: “What Ofcom did about our awful haranguing of these poor little ministers… it was a very important moment for the TV regulator.

"They could easily have rolled over in the face of public opinion.

“I am sorry about those interviews – I am sorry I didn’t go harder.”

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