Pooch Perfect viewers in hysterics as woman wears 'finger condoms' to groom dogs

POOCH Perfect viewers were left in hysterics last night when one of the contestants wore “finger condoms” to groom the dogs. 

Even host Sheridan Smith lost her composure as the conversation turned to the different techniques and instruments the groomers would be using. 

Last night the quarter-final of the BBC competition began and the contestants were tasked with removing dead hair from a selection of Welsh terriers. 

Sounds perfectly innocent, what could go wrong? 

As judge Colin Taylor talked Sheridan through the challenge he mentioned that many of the contestants would be using “finger condoms” to remove hair in some of the more fiddly places. 

Showing off the tools, he told his co-host: “These are finger condoms.” 

Reminiscent of secondary school sex education, Colin then demonstrated how to put a finger condom on as he carefully placed one on his index finger. 

He instructed: “Slide it down, it might fly off. we hope it doesn’t fly off. 

“These are used to actually get some grip on the coat. It helps you grab the hair and you can be really, really detail-y. 

“You can go around them ears and pull them intricate hairs out.” 

Unable to hide her giggles, Sheridan was in tears as she tried to keep a straight face. 

Fans watching at home were also cracking up and rushed to Twitter to comment on the hilarious moment.

One wrote: “Wow #PoochPerfect @Sheridansmith1 never thought you had to use condoms to groom a dog!!???”

“Finger condoms!!! Loving Sheridans reaction!! #PoochPerfect,” added another Twitter user. 

While a third joked: “The sheer indignity of being groomed by someone wearing mini condoms on their fingers #PoochPerfect.”

“Finger condoms and stripping…. can only be #PoochPerfect @BBCOne @Sheridansmith1,” a fifth commented.

Judge Colin, who is a Certified Master Groomer in the United States, explained to Sheridan that “finger condoms” are actually specially made for dog grooming. 

Made from latex, they are disposable and designed to give extra grip for hand stripping pooches. 

Pooch Perfect is available to stream on iPlayer.

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