'Power' Star Joseph Sikora Reveals Tommy's Favorite Girlfriend

With two Power spinoffs set to grace Starz before the end of 2021 and another one in the pipeline, fans are ready to see how the new stories all connect.

Because Ghost and Tommy are now part of pop culture, it’s never a bad thing to reflect on their story arcs. For Joseph Sikora, that means more than keeping track of Tommy’s kill counts and business moves. Recently, the actor spoke on his character’s past and future, and he touched on which girlfriend was Tommy’s favorite.

Tommy Egan had two big loves on ‘Power’

No one can forget when Tommy and Holly fell in love. Originally a server at Truth, she met him at work and the pair began a romantic relationship. Holly had her own baggage though and revealed that she was a thief and nymphomaniac. After Tommy told the truth about his occupation, they supported each other.

That only lasted until Holly got shot and the feds brought her in to snitch on him and Ghost. She unsuccessfully tried to break Tommy and Ghost up, and unsuccessfully tried to have Ghost assassinated. In season 3, Tommy finally snapped and choked her to death, not knowing she was pregnant with his baby.

That same season, Holly met LaKeisha Grant, Tasha’s homegirl and Tommy’s future love. Keisha didn’t like Holly because she stole Tasha’s stuff (remember the earrings?). Tommy and Keisha officially got together in season 4, and she often helped him cover up his crimes.

Though she was mixed up in his operation, she did her best to hold him down not snitch on him. But Tasha killed Keisha out of fear. His heart broke when he found her dead on the floor, and Tommy’s upholding his vow to deliver payback to Tasha.

Joseph Sikora says LaKeisha is Tommy’s preference

During a cool guest spot on Fat Joe’s Instagram show, Joseph Sikora talked about his love for hip-hop, Ozark, and his role on Power. Out of curiosity, Fat Joe asked him about Tommy’s romantic history and favorite girlfriend. He had some introspective things to say about Holly and Keisha.

“I think Tommy’s favorite was LaKeisha, but I love both of those girls. They’re both great,” said Sikora. He explained that people often talk about “Tommy and the redhead,” but noted that his character had a certain mentality.

“You have to understand where Tommy came from. He’s coming from southside Jamaica, Queens. This is exotic — these redheaded white girls are exotic. They’re not exactly falling all over him when he’s a kid,” he explained. Keisha was the opposite for him.

“When Tommy was with LaKeisha, it was like there was a familiarity. There was something that he recognized in himself right there. It was easy,” said Sikora. He attributed Tommy and Keisha’s connection to coming from similar backgrounds. “He was able to be himself around LaKeisha.”

‘Power Book IV: Force’ will bring Tommy a new love interest

Sikora is currently in Chicago filming Power Book IV: Force, where the next chapter of Tommy’s story will unfold. Surely, he’ll get caught up in some dangerous liaisons, but Tommy is also due for a new romantic dalliance. He’s set to find love with a chef/bar own named Gloria. Played by Gabrielle Ryan, she’s been described as someone who’s driven and has her own dream.

It’s been a while since fans have seen Tommy with anyone, so maybe she’ll be his next great love. Hopefully, she won’t end up like Holly or LaKeisha.

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