Pregnant Halsey reveals scars from her 'terrifying' endometriosis surgeries

SINGER Halsey has bravely opened up on her experience with endometriosis as she showed off her surgery scars.

The 26-year-old pregnant star took to social media to post a Polaroid shot, which showed the scars from her previous surgeries to help with the chronic condition.

Alongside the photo, Halsey told her followers that if it wasn't for the surgeries, she wouldn't be pregnant today.

She captioned the photo: "The scars that got me this angel."

In addition, she shared the hashtag: "Endo warrior."

Halsey previously shared her journey with endometriosis, having underwent surgery in 2017.

She also suffered a miscarriage, which she discussed in a 2018 interview on The Doctors.

During the interview, she said: "I put my foot down and got really aggressive about seeking treatment and I had surgery about a year ago and I feel a lot better."

Endometriosis is a chronic condition which occurs when tissue from the lining of the womb is found outside of the womb – in areas of the body including the ovaries, Fallopian tubes, the abdomen and the bladder.

Meanwhile, the musician announced her pregnancy earlier this week.

Alongside a trio of photographs showing off her bump, she wrote: "Surprise!"

In the photos, she wore a rainbow-colored bralette to signify that she was pregnant after miscarrying, making this her rainbow baby.

The 26-year-old further tagged Alev Aydin, who also shared the announcement with a series of heart emojis.

Alev is a screenwriter who has been rumoured to be Halsey's boyfriend.

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