Pregnant Kate Lawler says she's embracing being 'the biggest she's ever been' and her 'nipples are like cigarette butts'

KATE Lawler has opened up about her pregnancy struggles, embracing being "the biggest she's ever been" in her latest podcast.

The TV personality, 40, joked about having "nipples like cigarette butts" as she discussed how her body had changed throughout pregnancy.

Speaking on her Maybe Baby Podcast alongside boyfriend Martin, and guest Giovanna Fletcher, the Virgin Radio presenter said she is "loving" the changes.

"I've really embraced the changes in my body," she revealed. "It's the biggest I've been and I love it.

"I even love my massive areoles and the fact my nipples look like cigarette butts, I do love it."

Big Brother winner Kate, who announced she was pregnant with her first child last year and due to give birth this month, went on to champion other women for loving their pre and post-baby bodies.

"I think we've progressed in terms of how women behave on social media behave after their pregnancy.

"I see more and more women celebrate their bodies, not looking as they were, even six months after having their baby."

Questioned by I'm A Celebrity winner Giovanna Fletcher on what made her decide to want to get pregnant at 40, Kate explained it was all down to boyfriend Martin.

"My salesman boyfriend," she joked. "Being with someone for so long and still feeling content and happy.

"I kept saying to [Martin], 'You would be the person I want kids with but I just don't want them', and then it got to, 'Well, let's do a podcast and find out what it's really like'.

"When I turned 40 last May, it it was almost like overnight I felt like I was ready finally.

"We went to a fertility clinic and she told me my egg count was very low and having that [knowledge], it’s so final because at some point in our lives, we can’t debate it anymore."

Reality star Kate also revealed she had been having cravings as her due date approached, including "squirty cream" straight from the can.

Kate announced her pregnancy last year in a sweet snap of her two dogs, posing next to a baby scan photo.

She captioned the shot: "Still can’t believe we’re adding another set of paws to our pack and this time it’s not another dog. Our little human is due in February 2021."

Kate also revealed in the hashtags that she is 18 weeks pregnant, and in an interview with Hello! Magazine, she shared her happiness at the thought of becoming a mother.

Kate, who won the third season of Big Brother back in 2002, said: "I have never felt more ready.

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