Prince George parody has ‘crossed a line’ – Royal expert fumes over jibes at young royal

Royal expert says Prince George parody has ‘crossed the line’

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New HBO Max cartoon comedy series The Prince is an adult animated show which follows day-to-day life at the Palace as seen through the eyes of a heavily fictionalised version of Prince George. The show also pokes fun at other key members of the Royal Family including the Cambridges, the Sussexes and the Queen. However, royal commentator Russell Myers has claimed the show “does cross a line”.

Christine Lampard welcomed royal expert Russell onto ITV’s Lorraine on Wednesday morning.

The pair chatted about the new comedy series and debated whether or not it was appropriate to make fun of the young Prince.

Russell hit out at the HBO Max series, claiming he didn’t even think it was that funny.

He explained there was a debate as to whether or not the comedy series “crossed a line”.

Russell began: “It’s called The Prince, it’s about Prince George, it uses all the names of the royal family.

“Now, whether children should be off limits is a big debate and I mean one thing I don’t personally think it’s that funny.

“But, you know, where Family Guy did cross the line sometimes it’s actually quite funny.

“Should comedy have limits? It’s a big debate,” he told Christine.

Russell went on to reveal one star of the series actually has a connection to the royal family.

He said: “However, one of the big controversies is that the voice of Prince George is Orlando Bloom and he’s actually friends with Prince Harry.

“He’s actually beforehand said ‘look there’s no malicious intent on this.’

“But, I think when you’re looking at children, when you’re sort of taking the mickey out of them, Prince Phillip has also been depicted in it as this sort of old decrepit man…” Russell explained, before being interrupted by Christine.

The presenter commented: “So, obviously this was made before Prince Phillip passed away.”

Russell replied: “Yes indeed, but listen it does cross a line. I think it’s up for debate about whether it is funny at all.

“But I think they’ve gone down the wrong track on this one,” the royal expert concluded.

The Prince was created by Gary Janetti, who used to publish jokes he imagined being made by Prince George at the expense of other members of the Royal Family on his Instagram account.

Gary also stars in the comedy series, which is made up of 12 episodes.

Hollywood stars Orlando Bloom, Sophie Turner and Frances de la Tour are also part of the voice cast.

The adult cartoon was originally meant to premiere in April, but was pushed back following the passing of Prince Philip.

The Prince is available to stream on HBO Max.

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