'RHOBH': How Does Andy Cohen Feel About Lisa Vanderpump Refusing to Go to the Reunion?

Lisa Vanderpump has quit the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills after refusing to film the reunion with the rest of the cast. Andy Cohen previously revealed she was missing and is now giving his reaction.

How does he feel about Vanderpump refusing to return? Here is everything you need to know.

Lisa Vanderpump has quit after not returning for the reunion

Things got so terrible between Vanderpump and the rest of the cast that she stopped filming with them. She then decided not to return for the reunion or another season.

“I have a great relationship with [Bravo]. I just don’t have a great relationship with the women,” Vanderpump clarified with Us Weekly. “After 17 episodes of them bashing me, I think I’ve had enough of all of them.”

She talked about how her ultimate decision probably was expected. “I think everybody knew,” she said. “It’s almost impossible for me to go back. How could I? It was too difficult.”

Cohen previously revealed that Vanderpump wasn’t at the reunion during a livestream with Anderson Cooper. “The reunion is going great,” he claimed according to People. “It’s major. Lisa Vanderpump’s not here.”

The host then said Camille Grammer was there instead. Now that filming the reunion is over, Cohen has given his reaction to her decision.

Andy Cohen said he wishes Vanderpump did return

The reality star might have had her reasons to not go to the reunion, but she was missed. Cohen talked about it on his SiriusXM show.

“I wish she had been there. What can I tell you? I really wish she would have been there and I think she would have done great,” he said according to Us Weekly. “And I think she actually could have left with some resolution.”

The host was disappointed, but he still had good things to say about Vanderpump. He also talked about the future replacement for her spot.

He doesn’t think anyone will be able to replace Vanderpump

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Now that Vanderpump is out, someone will have to take her place. Those are huge shoes to fill and Cohen doesn’t think anyone is cut out for it.

“No one will ever replace her,” he said. “And no one can replace her. I mean, it has been well documented that when we were developing the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, I was not totally sold on doing the show … But when I saw Lisa Vanderpump on that casting tape, man, she was the one who really sold me on doing the show.”

He continued to sing her praises. “She is iconic. And I am so glad that we will continue to see more of Lisa — in all of her glory — on Vanderpump Rules … she will always be the queen of diamonds in the Bravo universe.”

Next season of RHOBH will certainly be an adjustment without Vanderpump. Only time will tell who will take her place.

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