Richard Hammond addresses teaming up with Clarkson for new series

Richard Hammond says James May is 'fine' after nasty crash

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From their Top Gear years to the current Grand Tour series, Richard, Jeremy and James May work as a trio, with fans enjoying their interactions with each other. Talking exclusively to about his solo series, Richard Hammond’s Workshop, the motor expert talked about the possibility of Jeremy making a cameo appearance.

The second series of Richard Hammond’s Workshop was recently launched on screens.

The series shows the Top Gear icon living his dream of restoring classic cars.

When asked if Jeremy would make an appearance in the show’s future episodes, Richard replied: “At the moment, probably not.”

The 52-year-old added: “Maybe one day, I mean they’re welcome to if they wish.

“A cameo would feel sort of wrong, in the sense that it’s not a conscious TV show.

“That said, we’re very honest about it and I’m a TV presenter. I’m not pretending I’m not.

“So if when I’m running the business, I can get us a cheap stand at a car show because I’m on the telly by doing a personal appearance at the car show, I’ll do it.

“And we’ll show that on the TV show. We’ll be honest about that.”

Reflecting on the closeness he shares with Jeremy and James and why fans love to see them doing shows together, he explained: “Any TV show where you see that genuine rapport amongst mates – and you know everybody has a circle of people that they know – and you reach that point where you know roughly how they’ll react if you say something.

“And I know that with Jeremy and James, and I know that with Neil, Anthony and Andrew (Greenhouse) because we’ve known each other for years.

“So I know if I’m talking to Jeremy and James and I said say something about motorbikes, I know Jeremy will fire up, I know where the conversation would go.

“I don’t know exactly, but I can predict. Likewise with Neil and Anthony (Greenhouse), if I say something about going to a posh restaurant in London, I know where they’ll go with it.

“And that’s what you’ve got with your friends and what we’ve always had.

“People like seeing that on screen when it’s for real because it’s familiar.”

Neil and Anthony work with Richard in his solo series.

Like Richard, Jeremy and James have also taken on solo ventures.

Clarkson’s Farm was a huge hit with viewers, who are eagerly awaiting series two of the Prime Video series.

In the meantime, the latest instalments of The Grand Tour were recently made available, so there is no shortage of content for fans.

The Grand Tour is available to watch on Prime Video, while Richard Hammond’s Workshop can be watched on Discovery+.

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