Riverdale season 5: Archie Andrews and Veronica Lodge reunion confirmed in KJ Apa clue

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Riverdale has had high levels of drama since the very first episodes, but not even the most hardcore fans expected one of the show’s main couple to split up during the first episode of season five. Sadly, when Archie Andrews (played by KJ Apa) told Veronica Lodge (Camila Mendes) about the kiss he shared last season with Betty Cooper (Lili Reinhart) during their prom, they split up. But was this really the end for the two?

It certainly sounds like the pair could reunite after KJ gave a clue about Archie and Veronica being drawn together in the future. 

Speaking about whether the two have a future together, KJ teased: “I think so. I feel like the two of them are so strong. 

“The reason that they are moving apart is because they realise that they are going to be living two different lives after high school.

“I feel like they’ll always have that special connection that they’ve had. That one thing doesn’t exterminate the rest of the history that they’ve had.”

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After the two lovebirds agreed to go their separate ways, Veronica cried about her heartbreak to her mom Hermione Lodge (Marisol Nichols)

Her father Hiram (Mark Consuelos) overheard the conversation and was not pleased about it, having had bad blood with Archie for a long time now. 

Does this mean Hiram is back on the warpath against Archie?

“Absolutely, yeah,” said KJ told TV Line. “We see them kind of go for it at some point. When he learns about this, he definitely doesn’t take it lightly. Let’s just say that.”

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However with the time-jump quickly approaching, there isn’t much time left for Archie to make amends. 

His relationship with Veronica is something which will be explored more after fans skip ahead seven years in the future, said KJ, as well as the age-old question of whether he will pick Betty instead. 

“I mean, at the point, who knows? It’s always been back and forth,” explained KJ. 

“He’ll always be really close with both of them, just because of the nature of the relationship he has with both of them,” he added. 

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“But I do really feel like a lot of his relationship with Betty, and where that goes and how they feel about each other, is something that we explore in the time jump.”

From what fans know so far, after the time jump, the gang will reunite in Riverdale after having left to pursue their lives elsewhere. 

Veronica in particular will return with her husband Chad Gekko, played by Broadchurch star Chris Mason. 

He works on Wall Street and is described as a bit of an alpha male, acting jealous and controlling with Veronica, especially when it comes to Archie. 

Chad may feel threatened by his wife’s relationship to her ex and Archie could be the one to help Veronica escape this toxic relationship. 

Another newcomer fans will meet after the time jump is Tabitha Tate, the granddaughter of Alvin Sanders’ Pop Tate, played by Erinn Westbrook, who played Cheerios captain Bree on Glee.

She will arrive in town to pitch the franchising her grandfather’s popular diner, but not all of her family are sold on the idea.

Viewers also know Vanessa Morgan’s character Toni has been given a pregnancy storyline, with roots in her own life story. 

Riverdale airs episodes weekly on Thursday on Netflix. 

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