Ruth Langsford mortified as she flashed onlookers after bikini wardrobe malfunction

Loose Women: Ruth reveals embarrassing waterpark moment

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ITV’s Loose Women aired on Tuesday afternoon with Ruth Langsford, Coleen Nolan, Carol McGiffin, and Linda Robson on the panel. Linda was welcomed back from her holiday in Portugal after filming for a new show airing next year. Talk soon turned to waterpark trips while on holiday, with Ruth revealing an embarrassing incident she once had involving a bikini malfunction.

After introducing Linda back to the panel and hearing about her adventures, Ruth explained: “I remember going on one of those waterslides things on the beach years ago in Spain with my friend and her son.

“I said, ‘oh, I’ll take him up,’ and so you know where everyone waits at the bottom for all their kids to come down? So he went ahead of me.

“I got on, and the guy said to me if you lay back and put your arms above your head, you know you don’t go too fast, which I think actually is the opposite,” the presenter explained.

Ruth continued: “So, I started off quite slowly, and I thought, ‘oh this is not too bad’.

“Anyway started picking up speed, faster and faster, and then there was a complete tunnel bit.”

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“Anyway, I hit this tunnel at such a speed that I went round, my friend said all she could hear was, ‘bang, crash, bang, ah’, like a spin dryer.

“I shot out the bottom, and as I stood up, she went like this to me [pointing at her chest], my bikini top had come up, and the bottoms had come down, so I was literally standing there spluttering.”

Ruth looked mortified as she recalled the event, much to the hilarity of her fellow panellists.

Linda also explained the mishap she endured on her experience at the waterpark, explaining: “I had a bit of an accident, so we got on one of those rubber dinghies, and there’s four of us on there, and I was at the back.

“The last thing they said to me was don’t let go of the handles, so we went up, around the chutes and everything that was alright.

“Then it went up the wall, and then when we got to the top of that wall, I couldn’t hold on any longer, so I let go of one hand, so then I was like Superwoman going down the chute,” Linda said.

She continued: “[We] got to the bottom, and then the dinghy landed on top of me, so I was under it, three people were then on top of me.

“I actually wet myself as well, but they said your face you just looked confused, not scared,” she ended.

The embarrassing conversation came after Linda had been welcomed back to the panel, in which she said: “I’ve been to Portugal I’ve been doing a new project with my friend Leslie Joseph, and we spent three weeks in Portugal.”

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She went on to explain they did activities such as parasailing, go-karting, cooking, sunbathing, swimming and paddleboarding.

“Everything we wanted to do we did, waterpark, we did the lot it was so lovely honestly, just getting away from you lot,” she joked.

Ruth interrupted and explained: “This is for a TV show which will be coming up, so what’s your lasting memory like coming away from that? A great time, obviously.”

Linda revealed the TV show would be airing early next year and said: “We just had such a brilliant time honestly it was amazing.

“19 days away, I’ve obviously missed the grandchildren, I was Facetiming them all the time and that they kept saying to me, ‘when are you coming home?’, maybe one more day I said maybe one more day, we’ll just see.”

Coleen joined the conversation about waterparks and told the ladies on the panel about an incident she had on a ride called The Lazy River.

After listening to the ladies and their troubles, Carol joked: “It served you right, I mean, who do you think you are? You’re not five.

“Going to waterpark, what is wrong with you?” she added, but Linda interrupted and backed herself and the other ladies up: “You’re never too late to try anything!”

Loose Women airs weekdays at 12:30pm on ITV. 
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