Seeing Kathryn Hahn and Julia Louis-Dreyfus On-Screen Together Is Next On MCU Fans' Wishlists

Kathryn Hahn and Julia Louis-Dreyfus have been staples in the film industry for a long time.

The two talented stars have graced screens for years and have delivered show-stopping performances through the years. Aside from their comedic talent, Hahn and Louis-Dreyfus seem to have another thing in common as well. They both have roles in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Although the talented actors have not featured in the same show in the MCU, fans are yearning to see them on-screen together.

Hahn appeared in ‘WandaVision’

WandaVision tells the story of the unusual superhero couple of Wanda, Scarlet Witch, and the Android, Vision. The two met when Wanda got placed under quarantine, with Vision keeping guard. Fans of the MCU know that Vision was initially JARVIS, Tony Stark’s AI assistant. Before he got his physical form, JARVIS helped Stark run his Iron Man suits while helping the eccentric billionaire save the world.

As the Avengers faced Ultron (a byproduct of JARVIS), the team of superheroes used the AI interface to make JARVIS a physically living synthetic human being, thus birthing Vision. Fast forward to Endgame, Vision seemed to be dead for good, but if the events in WandaVision are anything to go by, it looks like Vision still exists.

Hahn appeared in WandaVision as the couple’s nosy neighbor Agnes. Some fans believe that Hahn’s character could be much larger than the MCU lets on. Fans believe that Agnes could be Agatha Harkness, a witch introduced in the Fantastic Four comics who harnesses the powers of deception to always have her way and hide in plain sight.

If the theory turns out to be accurate, Hahn’s character could be very pivotal in the Marvel Universe as she could be a mentor to Scarlet Witch,

Louis-Dreyfus appeared in ‘Falcon and The Winter Soldier’

The MCU’s Phase 4 introduced new shows and new characters. One of the much-talked-about characters is Louis-Dreyfus’s Contessa Valentina Allegra De Fontaine. In the comic books, Fontaine is Nick Fury’s lover and associate but later reveals that she had been working for the Russians.

Fans got acquainted with Fontaine in 1967 after becoming a S.H.I.E.L.D agent and, after admitting to being a villain, adopted the moniker Madame Hydra. Fans saw Louis-Dreyfus appear briefly in the Falcon And Winter Soldier in episode 5 and immediately began speculating that she could be Madame Hydra. Fontaine approached Walker and dished about Captain America’s shield.

From that interaction, it’s safe to assume that Fontaine could have something up her sleeve. Although Fontaine’s identity as Madame Hydra remains speculation, many fans believe that she could be working with a secret organization and might become the most notorious villain in the Marvel Universe. With her connection to Fury, Louis-Dreyfus could reprise her role as Fontaine opposite Samuel L. Jackson’s Fury in the Secret Invasion.

Fans want to see Hahn and Louis-Dreyfus on-screen together

WandaVision and the Falcon And The Winter Soldier may seem to be two very different shows, but fans are waiting for the day two of their favorite actors link up. A recent Reddit conversation shed light on just how much fans are dying to have Hahn and Louis-Dreyfus appear on-screen together.

One fan said, “2021 has brought us Kathryn Hahn and Julia Louis-Dreyfus to the MCU. And to think we aren’t even halfway through the year yet.” Another user added, “now I want a scene with both of them! Even if an unlikely pairing”. It is difficult to see how the two talented actors might end up on the same show in the MCU, but as one fan declared, “anything is possible.”

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