'She never got plastic surgery ever' – Maura Higgins' mother defends her daughter on Love Island

The mother of Love Island star Maura Higgins has warned viewers not to be too quick to judge as they haven’t seen the real her yet.

Sharon Higgins said she had found the online reaction to her daughter “funny”.

“I’ve been looking at memes, and it’s all just so funny. So many people are judging her too quickly,” she said.

“But don’t judge her too quickly, because she has a heart of gold. She’d do anything for you.”

The Longford girl has made quite an impression on viewers since her debut in the villa, in which she confessed she’d taken a fancy to fellow Islander Tommy Fury, the little brother of boxer Tyson Fury.

She turned heads in the villa – including that of coupled-up Tommy, whose head did an impressive “560- degrees” when she walked through the doors.

Viewing has spiked since Maura joined, with her first episode beating the viewership of the launch episode, which has now been watched by 600,000 people, and she is getting plenty of publicity.

Sharon said the 28-year-old has “never had plastic surgery”.

She rubbished suggestions that the model had bum implants and a boob job.

She said her daughter had received lip fillers, but that was the height of any cosmetic work she had done.

“They’re saying she’s had work done on her bum and her boobs and everything,” she told the Longford Leader.

“Where are they getting this from? And they were pulling up photographs from back when she was 18 and comparing them to what she looks like now.

“She’s 28 now. She has matured. She never got plastic surgery ever. The only thing she ever got done – and she never hid it, she had it up on her own Instagram – was she got some lip filler because she had quite thin lips.

“And that was the height of it. So that’s the only thing. She never had plastic surgery ever. That’s terrible stuff.

“They’d come up with anything. I don’t know where they’re coming up with this rubbish. They’re going through friends and they’re going through everything and they’re speculating and they’re coming up with absolute rubbish.”

Sharon also poured cold water on the suggestion that Maura has a fiance, saying that her nine-year relationship bit the dust after their engagement.

She said another more recent relationship had also ended.

“Maura was in a nine-year relationship and she got engaged to that guy and that just fizzled out,” Sharon said, adding that she was a teenager when the relationship began.

“And then she was broken up for a good while and she started dating another guy and they are after putting pictures of this guy up, saying about her being engaged.

“She was never engaged to this guy. She was only with him a short while.

“They’re after mixing up one guy with the other. They’re putting the engagement on the wrong fella.”

The drama continued in the villa last night as Maura vowed not to ask for Molly- Mae’s permission to “crack on” with Tommy and even asked him for a kiss.

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