'Southern Charm': How Did Eliza Limehouse's Family Make Their Money?

Southern Charm started by following Thomas Ravenel, who claimed to be from one of Charleston’s most prominent families. He has been fired and Eliza Limehouse has joined the cast in Season 6.

It turns out she was friends with Ravenel before going on the show. Her own family is also pretty well known in the South Carolina city and has a lot of money. Where did it come from? Here is everything you need to know.

Eliza Limehouse said her family is pretty chaotic

Limehouse said that coming from her family made the transition to reality TV pretty easy. That’s because some of her family members had to weather their own scandals and others were in politics.

“We already have a huge family, we’re from here, we’ve been in business, politics, we have so much chaos, it’s not much different adding reality TV to the already chaotic family,” she told Entertainment Tonight. “You can’t fart in this family without 10 people knowing on your group text chain.”

Her parents, Chip and Susan Limehouse had a messy divorce in 2016. Her father reportedly had a mistress who he fathered a child with.

“Look, my family has already been all over the media, good and bad. We’ve been through all kinds of chaos. Why not put cameras on it?” she asked according to People. “I’m already used to locally having to deal with chaos. What does it make a difference if the rest of the nation knows my business?”

Her ancestor reportedly signed the Declaration of Charleston

The new cast member fits into the cast in multiple ways. She has similar interests to other cast members like playing polo and her family name is well known.

Limehouse’s family history is reportedly tied to the city’s history in multiple ways. One is that a person signed an important document.

Thomas Limehouse signed the Declaration of Charleston who is Eliza’s ancestor on her father’s side. Her mother’s family also can be traced back to the Mayflower. The Limehouse family has since made multiple businesses along the way.

The Limehouse family own multiple businesses

According to People, the Limehouses own commercial and residential real estate brokerage offices, hotels, parking companies, and a produce company.

She worked for her family business, Limehouse Properties by managing and renovating hotels. Her family has an estate called Airy Hall Plantation that is outside Charleston, according to Entertainment Tonight. The plantation was owned by Mr. and Mrs. Harry “Buck” Bancroft Limehouse back in 1995 and has seemingly stayed in the family since according to South Carlina Plantations.

The new reality star then started her own businesses with her jewelry line, Snaffle Bit Bracelet Company back in high school. Then she co-founded Plantation Candle Company.

She also has modeled in the past and now is going to add “reality star” to her resume. Fans will have to wait and see if she’ll end up sticking around for another season.

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