Spoilers: Daisy splits with Daniel in Corrie as he moves Nicky in?

Nicky Wheatley’s (Kimberly Hart Simpson) return was always going to cause problems for Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard) and Daisy Midgely’s (Charlotte Jordan) relationship in Coronation Street.

Daisy’s jealousy aside, Daniel and Nicky grew very close when she was last in Weatherfield and it’s clear – despite the denial – they definitely still have chemistry.

Away from Daniel and Daisy, Nicky is trying to create a better life after her sex-worker career.

She’s working as a teaching assistant at Weathy High School but faces a terrible nightmare soon when her past returns to haunt her.

As Nicky is summoned to Mrs Crawshaw’s office, she confirms she used to work in the sex industry as videos and pictures of her continue to be shared around school.

Tonight, Daniel apologises to Daisy and reveals it was Max (Paddy Bever) who maliciously shared Nicky’s images around school.

With no job and nowhere to live, the future is looking bleak for Nicky once more. However, there is a glimmer of positivity as a guilty Daniel says she can stay at his.

In the pub, Jenny (Sally Ann Matthews) advises Daisy not to be stubborn and bury her pride before Nicky gets her claws in.

But how will Daisy react when she learns Nicky is now living with Daniel?

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