Spoilers: Drunk Peter in Corrie attacks Ken in shameful outburst?

It’s dark times for Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoyne) in Coronation Street right now. After being told his liver is failing, he’s concluded there is nothing more that can be done, much to his family’s horror.

With Peter continuing to spiral, his behaviour could lead him to attack Ken (William Roache) soon during a shameful outburst.

Peter sits down and pens a letter to Simon (Alex Bain). Carla (Alison King) sees Peter’s notebook and his horrified to realise it’s a suicide letter to Simon. Peter insists it’s not a suicide note, but a farewell letter as he’s come to accept that he’s dying.

On a mission, Carla drags Simon round to No.1 where to Peter’s horror she reads out the letter.

As a shaken Simon heads out, Carla begs Peter to save himself before it’s too late.

Later, a broken Simon washes his hands of Peter and Ken is horrified to hear what’s happened.

He finds Peter drunk in a hotel bar but when Ken tries to take his drink off him, Peter lashes out.

Will Peter attack Ken? How much further can things go before Peter realises things need to change?

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