Spoilers: Sharon caught trying to kill Ian in EastEnders as a doctor intervenes?

Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean) is poisoning Ian Beale (Adam Woodyatt) at any chance she gets in EastEnders.

She’s playing the loving wife and caring for Ian as his health deteriorates, with him being completely unaware that his lifelong friend is trying to destroy him.

This all comes of course after Sharon discovered that Ian played a key role in the moments before Dennis (Bleu Landau) died. Sharon found the voicemail and was revealed as the identity of Ian’s attacker, and since then she hasn’t stopped her plans to see the end of him.

So far Sharon has been clever in the way she’s going about getting revenge on Ian, secretly poisoning him and putting up an act in front of the Walford residents, but has the moment she’s caught out been revealed?

These latest pictures show the moment Ian sees a doctor about his ill health. Sharon is by his side playing the supportive wife, but can she convince the doctor It’s nothing to worry about?

If the doctor decides to run some tests to try and get to the bottom of why Ian is unwell, could Sharon be in trouble if the tests show something abnormal?

How far will Sharon go to ensure the doctor doesn’t get suspicious?

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