Spoilers: Todd destroys Paul as he sets him up in shock helpline twist in Corrie

Todd Grimshaw (Gareth Pierce) revealed his twisted plan to win back Billy Mayhew (Daniel Brocklebank) in Coronation Street tonight (December 17).

Upon his return to the cobbles, the young man caused quite a bit of trouble for his ex and new partner Paul Foreman (Peter Ash).

However, he soon promised that he’d change his ways, and on the surface, it appeared as if he did just that.

Yes, he pulled out all the stops to make amends for the trouble he caused, and he ended up becoming rather friendly with Paul — in spite of the fact that such a thing seemed rather impossible several months ago.

However, it turns out that Todd hasn’t changed at all, but rather he’s been getting close to Paul in the hopes of causing trouble for his relationship with Billy.

Earlier this week, he joined the helpline, and as he got acquainted with the office in tonight’s hour-long episode, it became apparent that Paul was desperate to help young helpline caller, Will.

He ultimately gave the young boy his phone number, and agreed to meet with him also.

Todd promised to keep shtum, but it soon came to light that he was behind the whole thing.

Yes, he’s been paying Will to cause trouble for Paul, and it became apparent that his intention is to destroy his relationship with Billy so that he can win him back.

Will he succeed?


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