Ste organises an illegal far right racist march in Hollyoaks

Far-right extremist Jonny Baxter (Ray Quinn) has been using Ste Hay’s (Kieron Richardson) vendetta against the Maaliks to radicalise him in Hollyoaks — and things are set to get much worse as the pair organise a far-right march.

Since Jonny showed up in the village last year, Ste has become a shadow of his former self. The young lad was incredibly vulnerable after Tegan’s (Jessica Ellis) death, which made him an easy target for the young extremist. Yes, Jonny has been radicalising Ste for months now, and as a result the Hollyoaks favourite has participated in a series of racist activities — including trolling Misbah (Harvey Virdi) online.

This week, Jonny and Ste come up with yet another daring plan — one which involves a very public protest march. As the two men discuss in more detail, Yasmine Maalik (Haeisha Mistry) overhears, and resolves to do something to prevent the march from taking place.

However, her hopes are dashed when she learns that the police can’t stop the march, so instead she informs Peri Lomax (Ruby O’Donnell) of what she knows and, together, they relay this information to a horrified Tony Hutchinson (Nick Pickard). Afterwards, Tony heads off to confront Ste and Jonny in Price Slice.

Unable to contain his anger, Ste loses it and ends up ruining a display in the shop. As he’s now exhibiting violent behaviour, the police are able to intervene, and as a result the march is called off.

Jonny is left fuming over what has transpired, and he blames Ste for everything.

In an attempt to prove himself to his so-called mate, Ste resolves to organise another march. With the help of some extremists, he manages to do just that and the plan is set in motion for the following day. Yes, another protest march will take place.

Will this one go ahead without a hitch? If so, how will the villagers react?

One to watch: Friday 7th June at 7pm on E4.

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