Surrogate mum, 61, gave birth to her OWN son's child leaving Good Morning Britain viewers horrified

SURROGATE mum gave birth to her son's child at 61 years old, and Good Morning Britain viewers are in total shock.

Cecile volunteered to carry her grandchild Uma, 30 years after she gave birth to her last child, because she wanted to help her son Matthew and his partner start a family of their own after they discussed adoption and fostering with her at dinner.

Elliot's sister donated her eggs, which were fertilised by Matthew's sperm, and carried by Cecile.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain this morning, Matthew said: "For a queer couple adoption and foster care were options but we wanted to explore other avenues. My mum volunteered. At the time we didn’t think it was necessarily a realistic option, but when we were at IVF and I mentioned it and the doctors didn't rule it out."

Cecile added: "I loved being pregnant, and I knew I was healthy enough to do it. It just naturally came out, but when it came out I couldn’t’ take it back, the deal was on the table."

Cecile thinks it is the "coolest thing" to be both the mother and grandmother to Uma.

She continued: "When I was in a stage in my life I didn’t want to have children. But it was always ‘this is my granddaughter’.

"The coolest moment was when I was about five months pregnant, not too many grandparents can say I’m holding one grandchild and carrying my other grandchild in my womb. I didn’t think it was that big of a deal."

Cecile gave birth to Uma naturally after 12 hours in labour, although she thought she would need to have a C-section.

She said: "Doctors said 'There is no reason you cannot have a natural birth'. I can even remember going to the doctors at the med centre asking about the protocol and having a C-section. But they said I was the first example.

"My goal was to go naturally. I was going for 12 hours and said to the doctors 'Am I really doing this?'"

But viewers were surprised by the news, and blasted the family as being "weird" and an "utter mess".

One watcher tweeted: "So the grandmother to her own son."

A second wrote: "Bit weird", while another blasted the family: "What a complete and utter mess."

A separate viewer ranted: "It's the sisters egg…. And the grandmother is the mom… Wow what a great family unit."

While other viewers were impressed with Cecile, and praised: "Wow Cecile… number 1 looks amazing for being in her 60s, and 2 what a selfless act carrying your sons child!"

Another added: "What a lovely story, Mum is a hero."
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