Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry's ex Jo Rivera slams her for giving son Isaac a phone as dad fears he'll 'go on Pornhub'

KAILYN Lowry faced backlash from her ex and baby daddy Jo Rivera, as she made the decision to give their son Isaac a phone without consulting him first.

The Teen Mom 2 star has faced constant controversy with her baby daddies over the years as she has discouraged her fans to have kids with three different men on the latest episode.

Kailyn, 29, was confronted by Jo, also 29, after he guest starred on her Baby Mamas No Drama podcast alongside his wife Vee Rivera.

After finishing their recording, the father of two asked: "So how does this phone thing work with Isaac? Cause you know we've never like discussed this beforehand."

"It was free, it was kind of a last minute thing," Kailyn deflected, as her ex responded: "Did you do like the parental controls and stuff? We have to like figure this out."

Kailyn's friend and co-parent Vee then chimed in: "He worries about him like going on PornHub and looking up titties."

"Isaac's not even there yet, trust me" the Teen Mom star ensured the couple, as Jo replied: "Well that is my concern.

"I'm concerned about his exposure. Why am I more scared of this than you are?" he asked.

"If you don't want him to have it we can just save it for later," Kailyn replied, though Jo added: "I just don't know how I feel about it. And I just wish we had talked about it."

This was not the first altercation the reality star has shared with her baby daddies of late, as she's been battling with her ex-husband Javi, with whom she shares her seven-year-old son Lincoln.

Earlier this week the mom of four revealed that she's been arguing with the 28-year-old over whether to let their kids travel cross-country for football tournaments.

During her Coffee Convos Podcast with Lindsie Chrisley, she revealed: "The problem that Javi and I are dealing with now on a co-parenting level is that Javi wants to take these kids across America to play in tournaments."

"He wants us to sign them up for a tournament in Dallas…" she explained, as Lincoln's father works as one of the coaches for the team.

"If I had my camper right now, I would say f**k it. Let's take a road trip. I don't know how the parents would feel about that, but that would be actually amazing.

"But I told Javi, listen, they're not in high school. They're not getting scouted right now, let's just stick to the local tournaments…

"He literally will follow up every two or three days and be like the registration is filling up. And I'm like, no we're not going to Dallas. Unless you're financing that one cause I've got four kids I've got to take."

Kailyn and Javi's conflict was the first to emerge since the huge cheating scandal that plagued their lives late last year.

The MTV star disclosed that her baby daddy tried to f**k" her “in the Wawa parking lot” while his girlfriend Lauren was at home with their infant Eli, leading to major drama with the co-parents.

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