'Teen Mom OG': Fans Accuse Amber Portwood's Brother of Enabling Her

Audioclips depicting the turmoil inside Amber Portwood’s home were released lastweek. While voice recordings, ring video footage, and official police photoswill all be used in Portwood’s criminal trial, the leaked audio clips painted adisturbing pattern of emotional and physical abuse in the months leading up toPortwood’s July 5 arrest for fans. Upon the release of the clips, Portwood’sbrother, Shawn Portwood took to Twitter to defend his sister, and in doing so,was called out repeatedly for enabling an abuser.

Whyis Shawn Portwood under fire?

ShawnPortwood, who is best known to TeenMom OG fans as “Bubby,” took to Twitter after the sound clips werereleased to defend his sister. He told followers that the clips didn’t tell thewhole story and that no one should rush to pass judgment. Bubby also called outAndrewGlennon, the father of Portwood’s one-year-old son and the recipient ofPortwood’s vitriol.

Bubbytold fans that the clips released were clearly leaked in an attempt to paintPortwood in a negative light and to show Glennon as the victim. He insists thatthe clips may have been altered or somehow edited to remove any venom spewed byGlennon himself.

Bubbyhas since logged onto Twitter to let followers know that he’d be blockinganyone who said anything negative to him. The tweet seems to be in response to criticismhe has received in recent days for his tweets about the audio clips, and his attemptto discredit Glennon.

Fansstrike back against Shawn Portwood

Bubbyhas always defended his sister. That’s a beautiful thing. However, therecomes a point when you can no longer support a person’s actions. Fansbelieve Portwood has reached that point, and their angry that Bubby would taketo Twitter to defend his sibling so publicly.

OneTwitter user replied to Bubby’s original post stating; “I’m sorry but what we heard was Amber abusingboth Andrew and James. We heard her hit him and call him names. We heard hersay she never wanted James. We heard her call James an “it” and tellAndrew she wasn’t going to watch her own child. Stop enabling her.”

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Love you and see you soon little bubba🙏🙏

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Another Twitter user stated that they could sympathize with Portwood’smental health struggles, but noted that she would need to put in the work to controlher issues. The user allegedly suffers from the same mental health issues as Portwood.Portwood has been open with her struggles with Borderline Personality Disorder duringher time on Teen Mom OG.

Whatdid Amber Portwood say in the audio clips?

Aseries of audio clips pulled from the houses’ security system paint anincredibly disturbing picture of domestic abuse. The clips that were releasedby YouTuber, Without a Crystal Ball, was the first person to air the clips in avideo. The raw audio is from multiple fights, often spaced months apart.

In one clip, Portwood is heard threatening to stab Glennon if he didn’t pick up the couple’s infant son. In the clip, she is heard saying, “…If you don’t pick him up you f**king fat piece of s**t I’m going to f**king stab you.” Later in the clip, Portwood is heard blaming Glennon for “using” her body and forcing her to get pregnant. She alleges that she didn’t get pregnant for ten years prior to her pregnancy with James. It’s hard to ascertain what she’s trying to suggest in the clip, but fans were disturbed to hear her speak about her son in such a negative manner.

According to RadarOnline, one clip is from December 2018. The argument that resulted in Portwood’sarrest took place in the early morning hours of July 5. The audio from thatincident has allegedly been handed over to Indiana police.

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