The Chase: ‘I f***ing give up’ Viewers in uproar as contestant makes enormous blunder

The Chase continued this evening and welcomed four new contestants who were ready to take on the Chaser.

Anne Hegerty stood in the quartet’s way and they would have to get past her to have a place in the Final Chase.

John, a retired financial adviser, sailed through his round and it was down to Ann to consolidate on the £9,000 he had bagged. 

However, it seemed she wasn’t quite up to standard and one mistake particularly caught viewers’ attentions. 

At one point, Ann was quizzed on the novels of George Orwell. 

She was asked by host Bradley Walsh: “How long is it in between the years in the titles of a Stanley Kubrick sci-fi film and a George Orwell novel? A. 17 years. B. 57 years. C. 107 years.”

Ann chose 107, which was of course, incorrect. She reasoned: “I think it’s Stanley Kubrick 2001 A Space Odyssey  and I was thinking of 1854 the George Orwell novel. I know it’s not 1854 but I know it’s an 18. I’ll hope for the best.”

When Bradley revealed the correct answer to be 17, Ann lamented: “This is so embarrassing.”

Sadly, things didn’t get much better for the contestant, who found herself caught by Anne meaning she was sent home. 

What’s more, Twitter didn’t miss out on the mistake and fans flocked to share their thoughts.

One said: “That famous George Orwell book ‘1894’”

Another added: “I don’t know the year of that George Orwell book but it’s starts with an 18.”

A third shared: “1854 that famous Orwell novel.”

A fourth commented: “Based on that cashbuilder there will only be one Ann(e) in the final.”

“The George Orwell classic 1854,” said a fifth.

John and fellow team mate Phil made it to the Final Chase with £13,000 and they would certainly have a difficult task of getting the money home. 

Sadly, the pair were caught with only four seconds to spare meaning they were leaving with nothing. 

Yesterday on The Chase, fans were furious with one contestant who chose to take the lower offer.

Deanne chose to deduct £2,000 from the jackpot in a bid to get home to the team.

However, although viewers didn’t like her decision too much, Bradley and Chaser Paul “Sinnerman” Sinha were quick to show their support.

The Chase airs weekdays on ITV at 5pm. 

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