The Chase viewers delighted as Darragh Ennis appears ‘Prayers answered’

The Chase: Darragh catches team of two in the final chase

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The Chase’s newest quizzer mainly appears on the five-strong Beat the Chasers, which first premiered in 2020. As a former winner of the show, in 2017, Darragh ‘The Menace’ Ennis joined the regular Chasers Mark Labbett, Shaun Wallace, Anne Hegerty, Paul Sinha and Jenny Ryan in rotation in the new spin-off show Beat the Chasers. Viewers of the show spotted his infrequent guest appearance and tweeted him directly to share their excitement.

ITV game show host Bradley Walsh welcomed Paul, Denise, Louise, and Colin to Monday’s instalment, which aired at a slightly later time of 6.30 pm.

Paul was first up to bank as much money as he could during the cash builder. 

After securing £4,000, Darragh ‘The Menace’ Ennis walked on to challenge the guest.

Instantly fans united online to praise Darrage, and Steve Lowe tweeted: “He’s here! Our prayers have been answered, @bones_giles [Darragh’s Twitter handle] is in our presence! #TheChase.” (sic)

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Georgia_DD was just as happy and added: #TheChase Here he is! Not been on for a while @bones_giles.”

Imogen Joy was so excited she shouted: “EMBRACE DARRAGH HE WON’T BE BACK FOR ANOTHER 86 YEARS #TheChase.” (sic)

Lucky for some viewers that it was Darragh, or they would be willing to take the streets to show their outrage.

@ScribensCheryl commented: “Evening all, who’s rioting with me if it isn’t @bones_giles tonight? #TheChase.” 

@c3roline had the same idea and added: “Goooood evening, gang!!! If it isn’t Darragh I will riot #TheChase.” (sic)

Paul managed to escape the Chaser and made it back to the panel with his £4,000.

Denise impressed her teammates and managed to outrun the Chaser and take her £6,000 back with her. 

Aspiring actress Louise didn’t last too long against The Menace’s superior knowledge, and her £2,000 cash builder failed to make it any further. 

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Colin also answered four questions correctly, and spotting his potential, the Chaser offered him a low offer of -£1,000, his score of £4,000, or to go high with an impressive £50,000.

His remaining teammates also commented on the fact that he could go for the high amount, but they saw “strength in numbers” and wanted him back for the final chase.

He decided to ignore their advice and went for the high score regardless.

Both himself and the Chaser answered some questions wrong, which made for a tense game of cat and mouse, with Bradley commenting: “Great head to head, by the way, brilliant!”

Close to home, Colin was eventually caught and sent packing.

With £10,000 in the bank, Paul and Denise managed to answer 16 questions correctly, and the show host commented: “Not bad. I would say we were a bit slow. 16, we will need some pushbacks.

The Menace thought the same and, on their final performance, added: “The first minute was good, and then you visibly got slower.”

Despite their lead, the duo were caught with 18 seconds remaining and with two of the three pushbacks executed, the pair would have needed several more questions in their corner.

On their near win, the quizzer concluded: “With two more players and one more push back, I am in a lot of trouble there.”

The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV.

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