The Chase’s Bradley Walsh makes holiday dig at teacher as he rebukes her plans

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Bradley Walsh certainly made his opinions known on Wednesday afternoon, as he told a school teacher off for constantly travelling and leaving her students behind.

While appearing on the popular quizzing show The Chase, primary school teacher Sarah told the host what she likes to do in her spare time.

But as she divulged into her plans of going abroad on yet another holiday, Bradley rebuked Sarah and told her that she should concentrate on teaching rather than "swanning" off abroad.

When Sarah admitted she has had "lots" of holidays, Bradley questioned: "Do you think it's good for a teacher to be doing that?

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"Shouldn't you be at home getting the curriculum ready for the kids education, rather than swanning around the world."

Viewers at home also picked up on Bradley's holiday jab too and took to Twitter to air their thoughts.

One fan penned: "Any reason why Brad was veering towards being an absolute d**k about this teacher and her holidays?"

Another said: "Although it was meant as a bit of a joke, it's turned out that Brad's ended up giving this poor woman a bit of a hard time .."

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Sarah appeared to be a rather hot topic amongst viewers on today's show, as several spectators at home complained about her ongoing interruptions and constant chatting while on the show.

Taking to Twitter again, viewers aired their opinions on the player.

One viewer said: "Sarah on #thechase looking for her 15 minutes of fame this evening by being extremely rude & interrupting everyone! Not just the other contestants but @BradleyWalsh & even #Chaser #TheDarkDestroyer I’m amazed she got on the show! As a teacher she should know better & have manners."

"Sarah put your hand up if you have something to say," another chimed.

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Meanwhile a third annoyed viewer penned: "She loves the sound of her own voice. Shut up Sarah."

But Sarah's consistent chatting wasn't the only thing that seemed to annoy viewers, as the contestants on the show seemed to all give rather poor performances.

With only three members of the team left in the finals, viewers also commented on this aspect of the programme too.

A viewer commented: "Today’s episode is for people who aren’t good at quizzes. Let’s be honest the Chase needs to save some money because of all the wins lately!"

A second spectator also agreed with this sentiment and wrote: "This team are so painful to watch."

While a third tweeted: "Not rooting for this team tbh."

After accumulating £5,000, the three remaining players were unsurprisingly caught by The Dark Destroyer.

The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV.

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