The Drowning viewers distracted by Jodie’s glaring blunder: ‘Totally implausible’

The Drowning: Jodie left shocked by family’s decision

The Drowning is a brand new thriller on Channel 5 which is currently gripping the nation. It sees Jodie (played by Jill Halfpenny) as a grieving mother on the edge who “commits to a dangerous and transgressive path” to try and find her son after he disappeared nine years earlier. While the storyline is highly engrossing, those watching at home were left distracted by a blunder they spotted during one scene in which the family made a monumental decision. 

Everyone had gathered to try and ease the blow Jodie was about to experience. 

Jason (Jonas Armstrong) produced a document from his coat pocket and the contents winded the lead character. 

“What’s that?” Jodie asked and he explained: “It would’ve been Tom’s 14th birthday this week. And we haven’t come to this lightly.” 

“But we think it’s time,” Lyn (Deborah Findlay) interjected and Ben (Dara Devaney) added: “Tom’s been gone ten years now.” 

The latter comment infuriated Jodie who hit back: “Really Ben? Because I hadn’t noticed!” 

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Regaining control of the conversation, Jason said: “It’s a legal document, Jodie. This is a declaration of presumed death.

“If a person is missing for seven years or more, it can help with closure. Look if you and Ben sign this, we can turn over the next page. It might even bring us closer.” 

“Yes, if we all just agree to forget about it,” Jodie exclaimed. 

“No,” Ben commented. “Jodie. You know that’s not it.” 

“If we just accept the fact that he’s not coming back,” Jason continued and Lyn added: “And remember him for the wonderful little boy he was.” 


“So you’ve all been talking about my son, behind my back without involving me?” Jodie shouted, but Lyn commented: “It’s not only you going through this – we all lost him.”

The characters were in the kitchen, some had a glass of wine poised in their hands – and this was what distracted viewers. 

Many suggested the red liquid inside the wine glasses were a poor replica of alcohol. 

Taking to Twitter to comment, one said: “Not sure what’s in their wine glasses but it’s definitely not #redwine … #TheDrowning.” 

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“#Thedrowning the fake wine is killing this for me,” another wrote. 

A third tweeted: “Are they drinking Ribena? #thedrowning.” 

“That wine was the £3 a bottle guff from Aldi. #TheDrowning,” someone else joked. 

One tweet read: “Even the ‘red wine’ is totally implausible in #TheDrowning.” 

Tonight, Channel 5 viewers will see Jodie make a plan with Daniel (Cody Molko) to source him a passport and flee the country for a fresh start. 

But when she returns from visiting the foragers, he is nowhere to be seen. 

In a blind panic, Jodie will storm the school and it isn’t until the next morning when she is confronted by the staff about her fake papers. 

Forced to make a quick exit, Jodie is left having to come up with another plan. 

The Drowning airs tonight on Channel 5 at 9pm. 

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