The Grand Tour's Richard Hammond admits to 'slaughtering and eating' family's pet chicken

RICHARD Hammond would never kill an animal for fun, but would do it if he was forced to.

The Grand Tour presenter, 51, admitted he killed his pet's family chicken and then cooked it up for dinner, defending his decision to do so.

"I could still kill animals, I have done in the past," he told Radio Times.

"I killed a cockerel we had. He had to go so we dispatched him humanely and ate him."

Hammond added: "I wouldn’t kill for sport, but on a desert island I’d be totally fine with killing as long as I had a spear to run after things."

He is married to wife Mindy with whom he hasdaughters Isabella, 20, and 17-year-old Willow.

Hammond's bizarre admission comes as his show The Great Escapists is set to air on Amazon Prime Video.

It's his first solo project as part of the big Amazon Prime deal he signed with his Grand Tour co-stars Jeremy Clarkson and James May.

Hammond teamed up with American TV presenter Tory Belleci, who hosts science show MythBusters on Discovery Channel and their shows is a drama-science hybrid format sees the pair pretend to be shipwrecked on a desert island.

They come up with a series of ­contraptions to help them survive on the island, using material found in the shipwreck and a washed-up sea container. They then explain the pop- science behind their inventions while also having fun working on more luxurious gadgets such as a pizza oven and a hooch maker.

Things got hairy for the presenter after he swerved what he believed was near-certain death after he was rescued from a shark "the size of a school bus."

He was shooting for The Great Escapists, when his home-made raft encountered "some issues" getting away from the island – and through the crocodile-infested waters.

Hammond and Bellici, were tasked with building a craft to get them safely away from the remote location in Panama.

After managing just a half-mile distance, they were swiftly rescued by the TV camera crew travelling in their nearby boat, in what the ex Top Gear host described as a very hairy moment.

He told Mirror Online the shark "shot out of the water like a missile leaving a submarine," and feared the pair would become a "tasty morsel" for the mammal.

He continued: "We both got out of the water pretty quickly.

"We’re very brave and very tough, and we survived."

The Great Escapists launches on ­January 29 on Amazon Prime Video.

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