The Larkins star Bradley Walsh opens up on busy filming schedule

Bradley Walsh talks about wearing his grandad's hat on The Larkins

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The Larkins returned to screens last month as viewers got to catch up with Ma, Pop and their six children. Actor Bradley Walsh spoke to on how long shooting the ITV drama takes as a whole. The 62-year-old also dished out some advice to aspiring young actors.

Actor Bradley has dominated TV over the past year as he returned for the 15th series of The Chase, fronted BBC’s Blankety Blank and took on adventures with his son in Bradley and Barney Walsh: Breaking Dad.

More recently, fans saw the 62-year-old return to the ITV drama The Larkins as Pop alongside Joanna Scanlan as Ma, Joelle Rae as Mariette and Lydia Page as Primrose.

The second series so far has seen Bradley’s character land in trouble with new family The Jerebohms and his second-eldest daughter fall head over heels for newcomer Reverend Candy.

With such a busy work schedule, the actor was asked how he manages to find the time to squeeze all of his projects in.

Speaking to, he said “Here’s the thing, I tell every young actor or anyone who asks any advice that if you enjoy the job you do, you will never do a day’s work in your life.

“It’s as simple as that, it truly is. If you like what you do, you will never do a day’s work. People always say, ‘Oh he’s on telly all the time’ but that’s not necessarily true.

“I mean we rattle off The Chase throughout the day. I actually do 70 days of work a year, that’s all I do on that.

“The show that takes up all my time is The Larkins, a 14-week shoot. So, that’s it!

“The rest of the time I do a week’s filming here, a week’s filming there, 70 days on The Chase and I’m done!

“I try to have as much time as I possibly can off, but I just love what I do.” 

The Larkins follows the story of a family in the picturesque village of Kent set in the summer of 1959.

Speaking about the stunning location where the show is set, Bradley revealed he loves being there as he has his accommodation a short drive from the farm.

He added: “It’s wonderful being there, we’ve all been right up around London, or in London and the city is great.

“But, there’s something wonderful about the English countryside, especially Kent.

“It’s fantastic and I love it there! I get to drive the tractors, it’s fantastic, all that stuff I love it, I absolutely love it.”

Although Bradley enjoys playing Pop, it looks as though he’s in for some trouble this series after fobbing off The Jerebohms.

With Pinkie Jerebohm and her husband buying Bluff Court at a high price, they’re left stumped when they realise the mansion is falling apart.

Realising they’d have to put more money into repairs, they confront Pop who refuses to give their money back.

Vowing to get their revenge on him, Pop has unknowingly sparked a war between the two families which is set to cause chaos in the village.

The Larkins continues Sunday on ITV at 8pm.

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