The Masked Singer’s Poodle victory ‘sealed’ as star speaks out on series: ‘Fantastic!’

The Masked Singer UK: Snow Leopard unveiled as Gloria Hunniford

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Gloria Hunniford was recently the second star to be eliminated from the ITV competition, The Masked Singer. Gloria disguised herself as a Snow Leopard and sang Peggy Lee’s Big Spender, but her disguise was no match for Jonathon Ross who figured out very quickly she was the singer under the mask. Speaking exclusively to, Gloria revealed who her favourite character was and revealed she had no idea who they were.

When asked who her favourite character was so far, Gloria revealed: “I thought the person who sang Rocketman before me was fantastic.

“I don’t know who that is, not a clue even, and I was in my little dressing area off stage because I was going on next, and when I heard that song, I thought ‘Oh my god, I haven’t got a chance here’.

“I thought it was fantastic, and somebody said that’s the best version they had heard, and I think that I wouldn’t be unhappy if he or she won,” she confidently predicted.

Gloria continued: “One of my sons, Michael, managed to get in for the performance, and he said when he sat down, he realised the enormity of the show, the size of the stage.

“When whoever it was that sang Rocketman came out he said, ‘Oh, my God, mum. They have got to come to ours and sing after that!’

“There is also a big part of you that you don’t want to let your family down or your colleagues down and friends down, so I was pleased I got away with it!”

It is yet to be revealed who the celebrity behind the costume of Poodle is, however. But fans think they have worked out the identity after spotting “long walkies” clue.

Viewers took to Twitter to reveal who they thought could be behind the Poodle mask, with @DurhamFox commenting: “Is Poodle Eddie Izzard?”

@rluctntadulting added: “Like glamours and once did long walkies? Poodle is Eddie Izzard?”

@dh8641 agreed and wrote: “Eddie Izzard has done marathons. Not sure about walks. My guess for poodle!”

Gloria was the second person to be eliminated from the show after Heather Small was revealed as the Chandelier on the first night.

It was Jonathan Ross who guessed it was Gloria behind the Snow Leopard mask, and she revealed she was surprised that he managed to guess it was her straight away.

“I was surprised, I’ve known Jonathan for years, but I was surprised because the way they disguise my voice, and the vocal coach told me to drop my R’s because they would have definitely got me.

“But a few people have said that they got me, so you think you’re hiding it all, but they go to enormous lengths, and the detail is phenomenal, and the secrets are phenomenal.

“I couldn’t even guess who it might be, I didn’t bump into anybody they keep you away from anybody until it is your turn to go on!”

After Heather Small was eliminated from the show, she told The Sun she felt like she had won because none of the judges managed to guess her distinctive voice.

“For me, it wasn’t about winning, but I thought I won because nobody had a clue who I was, and that was the aim.”

Speaking about her experience on the show, Gloria said: “I started to sing when I was seven, it was pre-TV days.

“I was making a few records, but I haven’t sung on stage for 27 years. I genuinely love this programme, I couldn’t believe it when I was asked to take part!”

The Masked Singer continues Saturday at 7pm on BBC One. 

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