The Repair Shop fans furious as show is pulled from air for MasterChef final tonight

THE postponed MasterChef 2021 final airs tonight at 8pm, but pulling much-loved The Repair Shop has infuriated fans on Twitter.

MasterChef was originally meant to air the final episode last Friday.

However, due to the news of Prince Phillip’s death, it was cancelled like many other shows and did not air.

Instead, the MasterChef final will air tonight at 8pm on BBC One, taking the place of The Repair Shop, which did not go down well with fans.

Taking to Twitter, one devastated fan wrote, “Dear BBC. I so look forward to the Repair Shop on a Wednesday, it really makes my life worthwhile.

“Imagine my distress when I saw that it has been shifted to accommodate the Masterchef final.”

Fearing uncertainty, another fan wrote, “Great news about Masterchef but the BBC has pulled The Repair Shop, when will this madness end?”

Fans can revisit some much-loved repairs with on-demand service iPlayer.

But, this did not comfort fans as some pointed out that we are in the middle of a new series.

A die-hard fan said, “And they’ve pulled @TheRepairShop!!!!!!!”

Another questioned, “What about the new series of @TheRepairShop? When can we now expect to see that?”

John Torode and Gregg Wallace will dominate screens tonight for the final of MasterChef 2021.

The finalists will turn up the heat in the kitchen, but of course, there can only be one winner.

What about The Repair Shop you may ask?

Fans will be able to get their daily fix with an episode from series one airing at 7.30pm instead.

The furore comes after a man broke down when his beloved toy monkey was restored in the latest episode of the show.

Elsewhere, a guest was overwhelmed as their father’s cherished violin that survived Auschwitz was transformed.

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