The Undoing fans ‘confused as hell’ as Grace makes series of ‘glaring mistakes’ – but did you spot them?

THE Undoing fans have been left "confused as hell" as Grace makes a series of "glaring mistakes" – but did you spot them?

The Sky whodunnit has fans guessing every which way over who murdered Jonathan's mistress Elena.

The police arrested Jonathan (Hugh Grant), with fans pointing at either him or Grace's (Nicole Kidman) father Franklin (Donald Sutherland).

However, Grace's behaviour is confusing fans, as she acts erratically throughout the show.

One fan said: "Grace is p****** me off. To the friend who lied to her, she’s weepy gentleness. Her husband? Hires him an attorney and brings the kid to jail. To the husband of the murdered mistress, she’s an absolute mad woman and mean! WTH? #TheUndoingHBO #TheUndoing"

Another is confused about why she's telling her suspect husband things and not their lawyer, saying: "One thing, too, that strikes me in #theundoing: Grace never, ever tells Haley about the incident in the gym & the elevator — but Jonathan knows about both. That's a mistake @HBO @hbomax"

Then some of her actions in the show have confused fans, such as being fearless even after a murder.

Someone said: "so her husband recognized that girl who got him fired and now she's dead and grace is walking her dumb ass into their home all alone. WHAT ARE THESE CHOICES GRACE?!! #TheUndoing"

There have been many hints as to who the murderer is after Elena was found dead in her own salon by her young son.

Jonathan claimed to be at an oncology conference in Cleveland at the time of murder, but he left his phone at home – making it impossible to trace him.

Viewers have speculated on social media that the killer is actually in fact Jonathan's father-in-law, Franklin, who is trying to get back at him for hurting his daughter.

However, fans have started to suspect Elena's husband Fernando – whose intensity and stalking of Grace has raise suspicions.

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