This Morning’s Holly Willoughby labels Spin To Win caller ‘useless’

Holly Willoughby got frustrated on This Morning ' s Spin To Win Game and called the player 'useless.'

Anyone who enters the game has to answer the phone in three rings and instead of greeting the caller say the correct phrase or password.

On yesterday's programme, a player called Christina had been selected at random but did not follow the rules as the TV presenter and her co-star Philip called.

Answering the line, Christina said: "Hello," and was met with a disappointed Holly who chirped back: "Oh Christina." The host then added: "Useless."

Christina was cut off before they moved to another caller who, luckily for them, answered the phone in the correct way.

This isn't the first time that the ITV host has let her emotions show on camera. Last week she broke down after hearing guest Julia Bradbury bravely talk about her breast cancer battle.

Speaking candidly about how tough the last few months have been, the Countryfile presenter opened up on her journey and how difficult it had been discussing her diagnosis with her children.

She then shared a clip from the documentary of her reuniting with her children – which left an emotional Holly in tears.

It was a busy programme yesterday with presenter Josie Gibson celebrating 20 years since the first Spiderman movie by abseiling down the ITV studios building.

The chat show host, 37, claimed she felt like 'Spider-Woman' as she mirrored the superheroes moves by climbing down the side of a building – with a harness for a little extra help.

A different section of the show involved Holly questioning the UK's oldest dominatrix.

Sherry, who goes by the name of Mistress Sofia, 70, explained that she is not a sex worker and helps married men who are not willing or ready to disclose their submissive sides to their significant others.

Seemingly unimpressed, Holly hit back claiming that one of her visitors would be cheating on their partner and she was contributing to "emotional and physical betrayal".

The ITV host insisted: "I don't know if there's any difference."

Sherry added: "There's no sex."

But Holly seemed unsure.

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