Three Families ending explained: What happened at the end?

Three Families: BBC release trailer for new drama

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Three Families is an emotional drama series on BBC One and tonight (May 11) was the finale. The eye-opening TV series has gained critical acclaim and fans were sad to see it come to an end. has all you need to know about what happened to the three mothers and their families.

What happened at the end of Three Families?

The finale of Three Families was full of heart-wrenching twists as the mothers continued to face personal tragedies. 

Rosie (played by Genevieve O’Reilly) found out her unborn daughter had a condition that was “not compatible with life”.

One of the midwives advised her to go to the mainland to get help, and her husband David (Prasanna Puwanarajah) thought he had found an answer. 

He discovered the termination of pregnancy was acceptable if the birth of the baby would impact a woman’s physical or mental health for the foreseeable future. 

Doctors, however, did not believe she fitted the criteria, despite her mental health history. She said: “I am carrying a baby with no chance at life”, but she could not find any support.

Sadly, she ended up losing her unborn baby during a walk at the beach. 

Meanwhile, Orla (Lola Petticrew) and her mother Theresa (Sinéad Keenan) were still in turbulent waters over Orla’s decision regarding her pregnancy.

Hannah (Amy James-Kelly) was still determined to change the law on abortion and she would not give up. 

Rosie ended up contacting Hannah and confiding in her about what happened to her baby. 

Hannah then travelled to London to approach Westminster about her plight. 

She told the panel about Rosie’s story and the fact it was only when her baby was out of the womb, could she make a decision about her child’s life.

Later, there was a silent protest from pro-life campaigners who shared different views on the matter. 

Theresa’s impending trial then took place after she got teenage daughter Orla pills to terminate her pregnancy. 

The prosecution was unable to offer any evidence against her and she was cleared of her charges. 

In an emotional statement, she said: “I find it hard to put into words how I am feeling. 

“For the first time in six years I can go back to being the mother I was without all this hanging over me every minute of every day and I can finally move on with my life.”

She and Orla then shared an emotional moment on the sofa, calling it “the first day of the rest of their lives”. 

In the final moments, Hannah was seen revealing to her husband Jonathan (Colin Morgan) that she was pregnant with their second child. 

Meanwhile, Rosie and her husband were on the beach, holding hands as they accepted they would not try for another baby. 

Viewers were then given a written update on the current abortion laws in Northern Ireland. 

They took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the season finale, with one saying: “The scene of Rosie in the maternity shop broke me.

“Actually, I pretty much cried through the entire thing. That was superbly written and acted. Highlighted something so utterly fundamental that women should be able to have as a human right. #threefamilies”

Another said: “#ThreeFamilies was the most powerful piece of tv I’ve ever watched.”

A third said: “Wow @bbcstudios drama #ThreeFamilies such a powerful watch!”

Three Families is available to watch on BBC iPlayer

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