Tipping Point contestant makes ‘history’ as they break show record

Tipping Point: Contestant 'make history' in penalty round

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Ben Shephard had no idea just how fast-paced Tuesday’s instalment of the ITV show Tipping Point would be. Torah, Sati, and Lynda were all hoping to make it big and beat the machine to take home the £10,000 Jackpot. However, Torah showed early on that she didn’t need luck as she broke the show’s record for banking the most cash in one particular round.

Lynda had the fast fingers getting the opening Star Wars question right but soon proved that was the last time she would be first on the show.

Sati had some luck with the machine, but Torah’s opening impressive 17 coin drop spotlighted her as the one to beat.

With each coin equalling £50, her £850 headstart was too much to rival throughout the show.

On her amazing start, a shocked Ben let out a surprised “wow” and said: “I think we are all a bit lost for words. What a drop!

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“17 counters on your first one in, that’s £850.”

Lynda and Sati, who had gone before her in the initial starter round, used several of their coins in dropzone four but had no luck.

Joking, Ben added: “A lot of work from Lynda and Sati went into that.”

Her winning streak continued, and by the end of round one, Lynda was sent home with £400, Sati made it through to the second round on £550, and Torah smashed the “show’s record” with £2,450.

Winning the penalty question allowed Torah to increase her already leading bank of cash.

Ben said on her penalty scoring top-up: “Six more for you [counters], another £300.

“We take that £550 from the penalty pot and put it into your bank, and as you can see, that’s £1,500. You managed to create Tipping Point history because that is a record in this round without a double. 

“[You are] breaking Tipping Point records.”

He went on to say she was “rinsing the machine”.

Making light of her lead, Ben indicated how at one point, Sati needed 31 counters to emerge victoriously, but the machine had other ideas.

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Beating Sati, she progressed to the final stage with £2,800.

She seemed to slow down when it came to answering her solo round of questions. Ben said that she was “stumbling” a lot in the final stages.

Torah managed to top her money pot up to £3,550 but the machine broke off their partnership, and the golden jackpot counter stayed firmly on the top shelf in dropzone three.

Without hesitation, she decided against the trade of three final coins and said: “I think it will be very wise to take the money, Ben.”

History-maker Torah walked away from the show with an impressive £3,550 and mystery prizes of a hotel stay and a Bluetooth speaker. 

Fan David Wilding was behind her and tweeted: “£1,500 in round one with NO double! Wow! #tippingpoint”

@Batman3983 added: “Christ, Torah has this machine on a f***ing piece of string! #tippingpoint.”

“Wish I had Torah the Explorah’s luck with today’s Premium Bond draw #TippingPoint,” Dai Lowe added.

Early on, @BDabell said: “B****y hell, may as well stop round two now on #tippingpoint cos we know who the winner is already!”

Tipping Point airs weekdays at 4 pm on ITV.

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